Friday, May 27, 2011

Your Holiday Weekend, May 28/29/30, Forecast.

It's the big holiday or is it sale weekend. I will be working here at the Salamander so I won't be seeing that much of an effect in the natural order of my life.
Today I was thinking about a few things I have learned in my life. All my life I have been taught that recognizing actions have consequences is the mark of maturity. Being a Druid and a Wiccan, the primary tenent of our religion is "An it harm none, do as you will." Once again consequences. Thus I find it amazing when people who should by virtue of their age or position be aware of consequences seem to be totally clueless.
I did a little research on the poll you click to declare "Obamacare" unconstitutional. Just looking at the Facebook pictures I could say that without Obamacare 80% of the people clicking that link will not have insurance due to preexisting conditions. How, you ask? Well, 80% of them are overweight and most of them have grey hair. Having found precancerous polyps in Dr. Oz's televised colonscophy, he now has a preexisting condition and could not get a standard policy. What choices are left? Pay thousands of dollars a month with a 5,000.00 deductible or be uninsured. Then, all those worried tax payers get to foot the bill for your care.
But there are consequences beyond that. I remember back when I worked for one of the major newspapers one of the women in the accounting department came down with cancer and after a complete radical mastectomy was back at work in one week because she was scared to death she would be fired preObamacare. She could not lift her right arm and was trying to hide it. She also knew that not only was she unemployable having the dreaded C on her blouse but she was uninsurable and she was dropped from the company policy as soon as she finished chemo. Another gentleman had varicose veins and his wife was diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure. The little printing company he worked for changed insurance companies with the total assurance all their employees would be covered. Both he and his wife were dropped and could not get insurance anywhere. Not being able to afford treatment and medications, he lost the job, their house and finally moved up north to live with relatives.
You see, this goes way further than any "constitutional" issue or free enterprise, this affects at least 50% of the population of this country. You can add more when you consider half the high school students will be uninsured the last half of their senior year when they turn 18 and are dropped off their parents policies without the dreaded "Obamacare". The question is not whether we can afford to spend the money, which will actually be less than what we pay for those expensive emergency room visits, but whether we can afford not to spend the money.
What do we do when over 70% of the population (real conservative projection) within 15 years has diabetes and is hence uninsured. Do we just let them, men, women and children and yes little babies, die? What do we do in 20 years when 60% of the population is in some stage of Alzheimer's (yes, that is also a real projection? Do we just round them up and put a fence around them and let them starve to death?
Are you worried about mortgaging your childrens' future. People it is YOUR CHILDREN who will have diabetes. It is your children who will be exhibiting Alzheimer's at 35.
The very companies that made trillions of bucks off this "food" that is causing the problem are the same companies fighting Obamacare. Do you remember how much responsibility the tobacco companies took for producing a dangerous and addictive product? Let me tell. YOU, the taxpayer,  PAID MY MOTHER AND FATHER's HOSPITAL BILLS FOR LUNG CANCER AND THROAT CANCER. Kool and Phillip Morse didn't contribute one penny to their care but they made a fortune off their addiction to the tune of 3 packs a day. You might want to think less about the "Constitution" and little bit more about how much those companies that created the problem are contributing to the politicians to kill insurance reform.

Do you remember Dupont and better living through chemistry? Do you remember doctors prescribing cigarettes for "nerves"?  Do you remember the chubby little Gerber Baby that every mother was told to emulate by stuffing her baby with sugar laden corn syrup flavored vegetables? How about the Beef People that have you taking those expensive drugs for cholesterol now? Consequences, people, and we are going to pay the biggest price: our lives, health and quality of life. They get to retire with expensive medical care and billion dollar bonuses. Do you?

Saturday, only has a major aspect that brings irritation with elders, governments and authorities for refusing to change or see change is needed. It will last about a week so business as usual. You should be able to get a lot done on Saturday with nothing to really impede your progress.

Sunday, the Moon goes Void of Course at 6:28 AM EDT to 9:02 AM EDT so if you sleep in, you won't even notice it! The odds are, all the energy in the Universe is going to wake you up or expanding gas. So watch what you eat on Saturday night. The price comes due on Sunday morning.
The Moon enters Taurus at 9:02 AM EDT and money and property matters become more conservative. Neither a borrower not a lender be is Taurus' motto. A hunch about money or property pays off in the morning and by evening those who teach get good news. Solid changes are in the works by late night.

Monday is Memorial Day. Try not to get too stressed out about a social event today. Everything doesn't have to be PERFECT. You can wind up having a nervous breakdown in the morning trying to make that happen and then after lunch, energy picks up and you get everything done, the nightly event goes off without a single a hitch and you ate all those Rolaids for nothing. So, just relax today. You deserve it.

Remember our Veterans. They fought hard and paid the price for the freedoms we no longer enjoy because you and I gave them up in name of security. BUT they did their best. Thank them today.

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