Friday, May 13, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, 05/14/11 and Sunday the 15th.

You survived Friday the 13th!

I won't go into detail but if I ever have to deal with another investment firm or bank, I shall scream. What part of IT'S OUR MONEY don't they seem to understand. Oh, the entire concept. If it weren't for my wonderful clients, I would move into cave somewhere and never come out. I heard BinLaden's is up for sale. A Spackle in the bullet holes and the cats and I could live nicely.

Today's Tarot Card is the 5 of Cups which indicates a person cannot see the positive aspects in a situation and focuses only on the negative and the losses.

The only aspect today allows you to come to terms with the limitation you now face in making things pretty, remodeling and generally giving up frills.

Sunday's Tarot Card is the Lovers and Strength, both reversed. relationships built on outward appearances and sex, fall apart.

This was night of nightmares and tossing and turning. The Moon goes Void of Course at 12:01 PM and stays that way until 12:31 PM EDT when she enters Scorpio. Try to not accept any social invitations during that period.

The afternoon is very psychic and romantic but where romance is concerned, surprises are not appreciated one bit. They may start one huge argument.

Venus enters Taurus at 6:12 PM EDT and Mercury enters Taurus at 7:18 PM joining Mars and things get really stubborn and greedy. This is a time when those who have theirs are NOT sharing one molecule and fights quickly break out.

The evening finds rewards for those who teach and have learned the emotional lessons themselves. BUT if you are just playing the part, someone may break your kneecaps. This is one weekend when you had better be authentic!

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