Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Your Forecast for Wednesday, 05/04/11

There are a lot of things that amaze me in the universe but the one that really gets to me is how people somehow think "psychics" are so different. For example, if you call right now, do expect to get in to see your doctor in 5 minutes when he is fully booked? So, why do people think that they don't need an appointment to see a psychic? Try as I may, I can't read three people at once as I only have two hands, one deck, one brain and one mouth. I know that is shocking, but the Universe did not give me any extras. And even more shocking is the fact that I have to eat, do laundry, shop and actually wash dishes. Unfortunately, the faery my grandmother gave me wasn't a Brownie. People actually get angry when they find out I am booked. Go figure.....I have a simple philosphy here at the shop. The person who spends the time to come in to shop is more important than the one who calls me on the phone. Reasons are very simple for that one. I have people running me all over the shop looking for prices and to see if I have merchandise and may be, on a good day, 1 out of 5 actually ever shows up to buy anything. That has been a hard lesson for George to learn.
The other one involves special orders. The very first special order I took for a gal to make some jewelry, even though she described exactly what she wanted and got a quote, it was too expensive when the piece was made. I had even made a cheaper back up piece and she didn't want that one. She also stiffed me with a bad credit card for a reading and actually tried to stiff me the second time. Funny how when I took the credit card info and said call back in five minutes when I clear it and the previous bill, she never called back. BY-the-way, I don't want your customers, baby boy. They all stiffed me or tried to. Please keep them!
Now I have learned to get a deposit to cover materials and some labor before I start a project. I have learned to get the full amount on "special orders". I have learned never to risk money buying rare products for people that no one else has ever wanted. Get the money up front or you will be looking at that product for a long, long time. I have also learned to call the company and ask what the minimum order is while sitting down because the floor is awful hard in here when I pass out. I hope that explains why some of you who are very reliable and honorable find it hard to get anyone to do anything for you. There are just too many rotten apples in the barrel in South Florida and some times, when you want a product, the company will insist you buy at least 250.00 worth of that product to get one for an order. Goddess knows how those companies stay in business because I sure don't.

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Cups Reversed. Suddenly, all your choices are crystal clear!

The Moon enters Gemini at 1:09 PM EDT ending the Void of Course and shifting the realm of the physical into the mental. Ideas abound and there are two sides to everything. Start those new projects after this time.

The afternoon has you scratching your head and muttering more than once: "Why DO you feel that way." This first shift into Gemini and away from emotion makes it hard to understand why people feel the way they do and brings really unexpected reactions. I'm not saying people will tend to lie, but they are seeing a very different reality than you are. Two sides to everything....maybe even three!
A sudden idea that just won't let go of you hits in the evening and you either act on it or you will be tossing and turning all night thinking about it.
Speaking of night, you will tend to want to take out old woulds, turn them over and over and chew on them like a dog worrying a bone most of the night when you should be sleeping. Tomorrow is a good day and you need your rest to get the early worm or dollar.

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