Monday, May 23, 2011

Who's Your Spiritual Daddy or Mommy?

I had to lift this from a friend because
it is so pretty.
Really, do you know?
Many years ago, in a group someone accused me of being I want you to swallow all liquids at this point because I do not want to be blamed with shorting out anyone's keyboard when they spray....a fluffy bunny pagan. Yes, you read that right. A friend of mine sent me a picture of their interpretation of the type of bunny I am, and I wish I hadn't lost it in the computer changes, but let's just say, you wouldn't want to meet that bunny in a well lit alley.
No one has ever accused me of that since. It is true I am slow to action. I hate to do curses. I really prefer money spells over all other magick. However, if you think I am a pacifist, you are sadly mistaken. BUT, I tend to be a happy person with a positive attitude. I really do hope for the best but I am a realist and I know bad things happen even to the most positive of people. I never sugar coat my readings. True, some people never return but to the good church lady who I told was being conned...the con was on 60 minutes the next month. What can I say? I'm good.
Anyway, I have known some rediculously positive people in my life particularly in my early days. Now-a-days they keep their distance lest they be "contaminated". I remember one man who left his wife and mother of his 4 kids because she just wasn't positive enough for his new ministry of the great positive who knows what. Why was she so negative? Well, for a start, she was the only one with a JOB and she Had to pay the bills and that made her a little grumpy along with taking care of the kids and house while he sat on the sofa waiting for enlightenment with his new squeeze. I believe she was justified. He didn't. Believe it or not, she still loved him and for that deserved a smack up side the head.
Anyway, last night as I was looking at the pictures a friend was posting of the tornado in MO, I was simply knocked over by the devestation and I was just looking at pictures. I can imagine being there. I have been in a tornado and a LOT of hurricanes. I don't know if you can imagine being huddled in the dark, no power and hearing things crashing around you and you can't see anything or do anything until it is over. It has to be the most terrifying sensation except hearing bombs and bullets hitting and wondering if the door is going to open and you are next. I have experieinced both.
My Android phone has the crappy Facebook program on it. If I go to look at a post and another post arrives, when I try to go back to where I was in the list of posts, I am knocked to the top of the incoming posts. I am not singling any one person out because there were a lot, but between every picture I was getting at least 5 happy, fuzzy, positive, uplifting copied messages that were seriously ticking my off. When I am looking at every window in a hospital blown out (there were people in those rooms) and the hospital pretty close to being knocked down...think positive doesn't make it!
This morning I realized that after the earthquake in Haiti, I got the same thing. The Mississippi is flooded and I get pretty flowers. I am trying to do a healing ritual for these people and Mother Earth because she is really upset and if I just focus on the pretty picture and say I am positive, the whole world will be better. Come on people! Send healing, Send calming. Focus on people getting the help they need. Focus  on the searchers being clear sighted and following their intuition to find the trapped and injured, but cut the positive crap.
Surrounding yourself in love, light and all things positive is no protection against a tornado. One picture last night so exemplified that. Two young people on a motorcycle were holding onto each other and for as far as you could see in front of them was total devastation. Get real. Do something that will really have an effect.
Stop being so totally self centered in your little fuzzy caccoon and use the ability the Universe gifted you with to HELP!
Now I shall get off my soap box.
By-the-way....I use my farming games to create spell workings. As I plant, I focus on nature healing herself. As I stock my factories, I focus on people getting jobs. As I buy a house and put it on the farm I focus on people having housing. As I harvest, I focus on people having enough food. The repetitive action increases the focus making the spell more effective. Try it. Add a little chant to each click. It works. That's why I never upgrade from my 3x3 implements!

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