Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your Forecast for Friday, 05/27/11

We may open a bit late today as we have to go buy paint because of the IDIOT that turned us into Building and Zoning. May he get foot root. I mean seriously, there is not a day that George is not outside working his lower posterior off trying to get the shop into shape after a frustrating morning of job hunting. There are weeds out there with company names on them....Then he settles in for the night of internet hunting. So far, not even an interview has materialized and then a survey shows that most companies don't even consider the resumes of people who are out of work. Just F'n great.  I hope the idiot that caused us all these problems soon has plenty of his own to keep him busy.

Today's Tarot Card is the Moon. It will be a very emotional day with little logic in the works.

An early morning surprise has you up and running. Be careful, electricity and fire mix with this aspect. By the time you get to work, you will really be a the top of your game with new ideas. However, by lunch, authorities and elders have refused to make changes. You'll figure out by evening that very little is going to change and an upset stomach is on the menu. Just relax, do your job and let Rome burn.

My heart goes out to those who have suffered from the weather this week and lost not only everything they own but often their loved ones. It is disheartening to hear FEMA is going to run out of money and the Tea Party Republicans in Congress have literally demanded that to fund the clean up and help to these people, other SOCIAL PROGRAMS must be cut. This is nothing more than another attack on Medicare and Social Security from the back door. I am so sick of my country I am really ready to move to Canada. With Global Warming, I may be able to take the climate shortly. When a government can fund multiple wars and the spends more on their military than the rest of the world combined and cannot take care of its own people, it should fall.

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