Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your Wednesday, 05/18/11, Forecast

I really wish I knew why I am so exhausted. The scary thing is that it seems to be affecting the whole neighborhood. The kids aren't even out playing and harassing everyone. My only thought since crawling out of bed was how soon I could crawl back into it.
Our Senator, Bill Nelson, did a wonderful presentation on why gas prices are so high. Unfortunately, it appeared no one was actually in Congress at the time. It certainly underscored why our president can not do anything about the price of gas. So, I am going to try to explain it to you. Before Congress was taken over by the GOP Teabaggers, a law was passed giving an agency the right to impose minimum fees on oil speculators. This is important because even thought there has been NO disruption in oil flow from the Middle East, starting with the first signs of unrest in Egypt, oil prices started climbing. Climbing right along side those prices was the volume of oil speculation.
Now here comes the really important part for those of you who actually believe deregulation and supply side economics work. I am going to use a Lottery ticket as an example since most of you understand them. However, this is a very special lottery ticket. You have a 50/50 chance of winning this lottery. The winning amount is One Hundred Dollars ($100.00). Now you go in and buy a ticket for this lottery and it costs you $50.00 for one ticket but you have a 50/50 chance of winning, so it might be worth it. However, the guy behind you belongs to the Billionaires Special Investment Club and when he buys the ticket for that $100.00 prize, he only pays $6.00 for it. If you lose this bet, you lose $50.00 and if he loses, he is out $6.00. Now let me explain that those are the actual oil prices and the actual amount you would pay to speculate on 100.00 worth of oil is $50.00. In your club is all the little transportation companies and even the oil companies themselves. The guys over there that only pay 6.00 or 6% to gamble on oil futures are the 1-2% of the people in this country that control 99% of the wealth. Are you beginning to think this Lotto is rigged? You betcha! It is rigged in their favor. The most they lose is petty cash. The least you lose is everything. BUT, in case you have missed it, it allows them to control how much you pay for gas, not the president and not even the oil companies. Bill Nelson was begging Congress today to SUGGEST to this committee that they do something and NOTHING they do right this moment will actually take effect until JULY! Now this new law and its committee happen to be controlled by GOP Teabaggers and they have done nothing, in the name of God, America and the Free Market, to level the playing field so your little ticket costs the same as the Great Rich Guy Speculator, so gas prices can come down and you can afford to drive to work or to help the economy all in the real name of making sure Obama is a one term president.
Now I have one question for all of you. Is your home, car, job, family, health, food and everything you own worth making Obama a one term president because you are very likely, better than the Lotto odds, going to pay that price to do it? Do you really want to be part of this game a few old white rich men are playing? You are never going to be part of their club and they really don't care if you survive or not, just whether they get their way. Think about it for a while and then see if you aren't getting a little angry.

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Swords: beware of theft!

A major aspect lasting about two weeks brings some compensation to those who teacher even if it is only moral support.

Today, you work within your limitations and are almost convinced it is fair.

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