Monday, May 23, 2011

Your Forecast for Tuesday, 05/24/11

Napoleon's Day Off
After spending an hour cleaaring a shelf and carefully packing the CD's, a very disturbing thought crawled across my brain. Did I measure the paint caddy to see if it would actually fit here? Call me chicken but I think I'll wait until tomorrow to find out.
I sometimes wonder if the phrase "Day Off" actually applies to the small business owner at any time. I found myself in BJ's buying a mosquito zapper for the shop as we are being eaten alive. We are just too darned close to the Glades. Then I needed to make a trip to the bank to make the deposits and of course, I have been hard at work in the shop and George around the shop all day. So much for a "Day Off". Tomorrow we open for business and it is back to work. Hum, seems like I never left.....

Oh well, cleaning septic tanks beats being in MO by a long shot. Our hopes and wishes for a speedy recovery go out to those poor people. There really aren't words to express the sympathy we feel. Please Mother Earth, calm down for a while or at least drop the tornado on the people who really caused all this and leave the innocents alone.

I often ask my gods questions, sometimes they answer and sometimes I actually understand the answer. After veiwing the devastation last night and discovering our govenor's hurricane disaster plan includes having an entire roof in storage for his house, so his employees, the people of Florida, can rush right over and put it on for him, I found myself asking why the people who cause so much pain and destruction for the rest of us seem to go unscathed. I got an answer and I didn't like it one bit but I will repeat it because I think it answers that question for a lot of us. "The very energy that allows them to rise to the top and gain power over others is what protects them."

Now I will write the forecast and try to forget those omnious words.

Today's Tarot Card is Justice. Legal matters are the highlight of the day. Decisions are made. They will not be reversed.

The 4th Quarter Moon begins at 2:52 PM EDT. Time to start wrapping things up for the month.
The Moon is Void of Course from 3:40 AM to 8:24 AM EDT when she enters Pisces and emotions rule again. What a fitting begining of the 4th quarter but the last sign of the Zodiac often called the Dustbin of the Zodiac because Pisces accumulates all the garbage from the other signs to fix.
A major aspect lasting about a week brings austerity and very little fancy redecorating.

This morning is very, very psychic so listen to your intuition. It is not wrong. By afternoon you are simply not satisfied with yourself so it is time to end things that aren't working out for you. Those who teach have good news and changes are happening. We end the night on a positive note that things can and will change, at last.
Ideas are coming very fast for the next week so remember to write your inspiration down.

Have a good night and cast a protective pink and blue rainbow over the areas ravished by flood and storm. May they have a restful night. So mote it be.

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