Friday, May 20, 2011

Your Weekend Forecast for 05/21-22/11

Electric swatters are the greatest. One really comes to enjoy that snap and burn smell when a mosquito meets her maker.
One of the many things I find amazing is how many people spend most of their lives trying to live up to the expectations of others who have no expectations for them and could care less.

Saturday, the Sun enters Gemini at 5:21 AM EDT and the emphasis becomes more cerebral and detached.
The Moon is Void of Course from 5:04  to 10:32 PM EDT when she enters Aquarius and all bets are off.
For the next two weeks, social events are transforming in more than one way.
Anger at financial matters should not be taken out on the people who no control over them this afternoon. By late night you are feeling your more normal optimistic self.

Sunday, a major aspect that will last about two weeks kicks in and it has people getting really angry if the fact are not laid out for them in black and white. This is not the time for white lies or any kind of lie.
You may be awakened by an pleasant surprise this morning. By afternoon the energies degenerate to a more combative and negative form. Social events come up costing money and the question will be: didn't you get the message. There probably wasn't a message so feel free walk out without paying. Of course there will be an argument but you didn't agree to anything. Some nasty notes may fly but by evening you are going to find the whole experience freeing as you move forward with your life and get rid of those and that which is holding you back.

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