Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Your Wednesday, 05/11/11, Forecast

Today I experimented with herbal mosquitoe repellant. When you are broke and the Off doesn't come on sale until the 15th, you will try anything. There were three formulas. The one they were positive works, I had to forego. It involved rubbing yourself with catnip.  I didn't think that was a very good idea around here. The next was using lavender. I didn't have any oil but I had some lavender perfume. It works but the mosquitoes hover out of range until the smell fades in about 30 minutes to an hour and you have to reapply it. As soon as I get some fresh basil, I am making an infusion. It will take three weeks to make. So, I tried some lavender incense I sell at a dollar a package. IT WORKED. The little devils cleared out fast. They really don't like the smell of lavender.

Napoleon is quite a cat. I made blackberry yogurt last night by blending Greek yogurt, vanilla, stevia and blackberries with one of those hand blender things. Then George and I split it and because I hate washing dishes, I was eating out of the 32 ounce container.Napoleon always licks the container. He managed to get halfway down it and then I fished some out on the spoon for him. Yes, I know he is spoiled rotten. When I started to take the container to the kitchen, the paw snaked out and grabbed it. He had the most determined look on his little face. I could just hear him saying, "I'm going in Deep! Spot me!" He laid his ears back to his head as tight as he could get them and with jaw set, in he went. I felt the tongue hitting the bottom of the container. A few minutes later he emerged covered in yogurt with a blackberry seed dangling off one eyebrow whisker and a dazed look on his face. Then I took the container in for washing while he spent a half an hour cleaning up his face.

Today's Tarot Card is the Three of Wands reversed. Someone is thinking about visiting you today. If it is you doing the thinking, before you pack, call and find out if it really is convenient for you to show up right now.

Mars enters Taurus at 3:03 AM EDT. Now, the greed begins. No one is willing to give an inch and this is when things really get hot and heavy. Don't get between people and their money or you may have tire tracks on you.

The Moon is Void of Course from 12:52 Am to 9:59 AM EDT when she enters Virgo and the nitpicking and cleaning begins. Everyone is a critic.

A major aspect lasting a couple of days brings plenty of talk and more people will have their feet in their mouths than on the floor.

Another major aspect lasting the week, brings social events that are way over done, too extravagant and really expensive. People will be asking where the money is coming from and the answer may start a revolution.  Don't get suckered into spending money you don't have.

This is a very energetic morning when you are driven to organize and clean and budget. Unfortunately how to do this is not clear and you may find you have drifted off into day dreams and gotten nothing done by afternoon. You may be called to task over that, over do it and spend the evening trying to get over the wounds. Take it slow and easy and by late night, you will have a plan that works rather than one that involves calling 911. Tomorrow will be a better day to actually do the work.

Well, folks all the bills to make it harder to vote and register to vote, to take women's rights to choice away, to cut teachers, firefighters, police and government workers (except our Legislators') pay, to gut the Medicaid system and make you travel to a central often tri or more county location for treatment and tax breaks for the big corporations while screwing the small mom and pop stores are due to be signed by the governor by the end of the week, effectively returning us to the 1910's which didn't work and is why we had all these laws in the first place. BUT, I'm not rewriting history like the GOP/Tea Party, I am just reporting it.

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