Thursday, March 3, 2011

Forecast for 03/04/11

Fluorite pyramids are on the left in background.
My birthday is over and I am so glad. Nothing horrible happened. George baked me a Devil's Food cake. I fixed a nice Mediterranean catfish, curried potatoes, cold slaw and zucchini dinner. Now I am making ginger coffee and planning on having a slice of that cake.
Napoleon and Fionna are upset I have left the house again. They planned on spending my birthday on my lap. Fionna, leaned back and looked up at me with those little eyes with such love and devotion. Then again, she had my sausage for breakfast and part of my fish for dinner.....
We harvested our first tomato today. More will follow as after that one set, the tomato plant went a little crazy. The Sweet 100 has one cluster of tomatoes started. In case you don't know, that is a very sweet cherry tomato that just keeps on growing and producing until the heat does it in. I will have more tomatoes than I know what to do with off that plant. The Homestead has one tomato growing and a bunch setting.

Today's Tarot Card is the Ten of Pentacles reversed. This is day when you can get your hands on money.

The New Moon is at 3:46 PM EST in 13Pisces03. Great ideas occur overnight and unfortunately your energy is up so sleeping is difficult.
This new moon makes us really emotional for be careful. Later tonight the limitations kick and you just can't seem to get anything right including your hair and dress.

One of my favorite minerals is Fluorite. It is known for its ability to soak up negative electromagnetic energy and thus, it is the perfect stone to keep around appliances and computers. Mostly I use purple or green and purple. I love the fact that it naturally forms double pyramids making it easy to place and aim. It definitely clears energy fields and placing a piece at all four major axis of your circle will provide extra protection when working. Since it also helps with clarity of mind and decision making, a piece on your desk is a must!

The City of Coconut wins the double speak award of the day with the newly coined phrase: car calming devices. Personally, I think if you buy those skittish foreign sports cars, you should provide your own valium for them. We can't wait to find out exactly what these devises are. I haven't had so much fun since I was translating technical journals from German to English....the machine that prints on the paper with the heated mechanical head. I loved that one. Unfortunately, it made more sense.

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