Thursday, March 17, 2011

Forecast for Friday, 03/18/11

2 Lemon tomatoes & 1 Sweet 100
The Salamander will be opening late all weekend and that includes Friday. We have loads of stuff to take care of this weekend. We will be back next week and there will even some sales and great deals as I close out lines of books (health and well being) that we simply are no longer going to carry. The non-magickal and non mineral items will have to go so expect parking lot sales...we don't have a sidewalk......
 There comes a time when one realises one's children are not going to turn out to be what you expected. In my case it coincides with the vow not to lose the plant tags. After waiting over a week for the tomato in the picture to turn red I began to faintly recall that I purchased a Lemon Tomato at Lowes. When I cut them up for our salad tonight, there was obviously no way it was ever turning red. They taste just like a red one to me. However, the bush doesn't bear as heavily as other varieties I have here.
Last night I knew I had to go out to a business meeting today and my hands are stained very purple from the mulberry picking everyday. I got it off my skin but my nails remained a dirty color so, I painted my finger nails purple. I guess I will have to be Goth until the mulberry season is over.

Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Wands reversed. Friendships and other relationships are not going well today.

A really quick way to start an argument this weekend is to tell someone what they can't do.

You awaken early with plans to make sweeping changes and then reality sets in by mid morning.  You are aggravated about money. People are flying off the handle right and left and by night, you are ready to blow. Just don't direct your anger inward or you may have massive digestive problems.

The unfolding drama in Miami is a never ending laugh fest. The recalled by 88% of the voters Mayor, as of last night, saw absolutely no mistakes he had made and is positive he was absolutely right in all his decisions.
Well, let me try a little reality here.
You don't cut everyone's pay and raise your staff's pay indecently. People have been tarred and feathered for similar offenses. We just can't afford tar with the price of oil. Maybe some of our friends on the Gulf Coast can fix us a care package.
You don't cut fire and police services in a city with a high crime rate where people are afraid not only of the criminals next door but the cops themselves.
You don't raise taxes to pay for a multi-million dollar stadium for a bunch of private billionaire owners who could pay for it out of their petty cash box.
Shall I go on?
It's too bad we don't have a wealthy, fed up person in Broward to start a recall but as one activist put it today. A recall is not a grassroots thing. It is a millionaire's game. Is that not a sad commentary on our government for purchase?
The odd thing is that when the "silent majority" is sitting on their lawn screaming, they still think they have a mandate from the "silent majority". Ladies and gentlemen, I fear the "silent majority" you answer to is just the voices in your head.

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