Sunday, March 6, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 03/07/11

Let us just say, I was forced to go inside Wartmart today because the line for the garden dept. was into the store. I have all the black mulch I will ever need. I will never return. I shall pretend that corner simply doesn't exist. Shudder. I have changed my mind. Please stop all government funding of public everything. PLEASE! I was in Tea Party Headquarters where most of them are disabled, paying with government food stamp cards and incapable of limiting themselves to under 3 kids while trying to buy tickets for NASCAR. I kept hoping I was on another planet. Let us not discuss the fashion statements. I think the onlything keeping me from being lynched was the Levi T-shirt I was wearing.
Anyway, the mailbox bed is completed and now I move to the inside yard. The tomatoes are producing. I have a bumper crop of herbs and I am quiting for the day. Oh, the worldwide tomato crop is puny. The corn belt is bracing for floods and will have low harvests this year. Oil prices are being artificially jacked up causing the price of everything to go up and fresh food shortages are already beginning. I really love my garden. My peppers will be ready next. Just remember, Corporate America is taking care of you. Sleep well.

Today's Tarot Card is the Ace of Swords reversed. There will not be much action today and it will be difficult to start anything.

The only aspects this morning are in the morning when tantrums at limitations abound. It will hard to get the kiddies ready for school.

Have a nice day!

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