Thursday, March 10, 2011

Revolution Now...Need Artist

First order of business:

March 31, 1 PM, everyone wear red even if covertly under something. At 1 PM leave your desks, houses, cars. where ever you are and walk out to the sidewalk displaying your RED. Just stand there for 30 minutes so the satellites can pick up the streets  running red with the blood of the American worker and middle class. Don't do anything or say anything, don't picket or wave signs just make certain the red is visible from above.

Blood Red will be our color. It is our blood that is being sucked dry, our life stream and we are the life stream of this country.

We need a flag and I am a poor artist. This is my design: A bright red (color of blood) flag with a young girl holding her brother done in outline in grey in the center. Do it yourself. the design is free for all.


Because the our children are the real victims of these artificial people (corporate politicians). They are neglected by parents struggling to make enough money to get them paper and pens for an education that is being slashed worse than the blond in a horror movie. They are the ones huddling alone at home until Mommy comes home, dead tired with fast food containing no nutritional value. Maybe this weekend they can visit Daddy and his Barbie Doll because after all, the corporate model is to dump the woman and children who were neglected and still supported him through 10 years of overtime, weekend conferences and screaming fits brought on by stress for the Barbie Doll. In another 20 years he can dump her and start a new family and maybe actually remember the names of those children. Daddy has a cook and a full refrigerator. They are the ones who have no dreams.

Why a grey outline? Because grey is the color of all in the end. It is the transition between colors where all are included.

Why a little girl holding her brother? Because it is usually the oldest girl who winds up being mother to her siblings and a little boy who "mans up" and tries to protect his siblings from the horrors he sees only too clearly. It is a scene I have seen played in every third world country I have lived in and make no mistake folks, this is now a third world country.

This is our manifesto. We are too numerous to be ignored. We can bring this country to its knees or we can take it to heights never seen before, but first someone has to get off their ass and walk out the door on March 31st and put the artificial people on notice. We are the people who keep your fancy suit clean and pressed, your car running, your lawn mowed, your nails clipped, your food in the store, and your garbage picked up. We are going to show you what it is like to live without us for half an hour! The phone will not be answered. The pizza will not arrive. Traffic will stop. People will park and get on the sidewalk. Not enough parking? Hey we've been telling you that for years...we'll just use the street. You have just stepped in a red ants' nest, my friends. They may be little, but they can take down a horse!

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