Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Forecast for Wednesday, 03/09/11

Fiona the Thief
Today is Ash Wednesday. Ihave no idea what that is and please don't tell me. As a Druid, I have enough holidays to keep track of as it is, planetary hours, astrological aspects....one more holiday may cause mental meltdown.

So.......I went outside and carefully watered every plant only to look up because my bright and sunny day was getting awfully dark, and in comes the rain clouds. Yup, only a 10% chance of showers unless I water the plants and wash the walkway stones......All I need to do is wash Vanwitch and we will have a deluge.
It is a busy day of general Salamander work. Yesterday I took George for his physical for life insurance and he is disgustingly healthy. I mean, men in the 30's want to have his stats! As for me...I get the calls from long term care facilities and the graveyard. Just kidding. I may not be well, but I am tenacious.
When I began calling Fionna Fif, I didn't realize how close that is to thief. There is a fine line between washing Mom's plate and stealing Mom's breakfast. I went to dip my toast in my egg yolk and hit a furry black little head instead. Goddess, she is fast. Of course Napoleon will eat your yogurt if it is not guarded.

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Swords. Be wary of theft today.

Mercury enters Aries at 12:47 PM EST causing harsh words, rapid speech and general cases of foot in mouth disease. Try to think before you speak. And a two day Mercury aspect has you blurting out things you didn't want anyone to know.

Thoughts of change and social events awaken you very early only to have your plans dashed by dawn. The event may well be cancelled. Don't fret, by noon you are active and working on making some money! Unfortunately it will not be enough for the project you had in mind and by evening you are just plain jittery. It would be better to look at things tomorrow than try to plan your budget tonight. Remember, chocolate used to cure everything before the price went up. Social events for a week or two are networking events to make money or get donations. By the end of March, you may consider a time share presentation a nice thing.

Everything I have said is coming to pass really, really fast. There is even a bill being introduced to split the Florida Supreme Court and remove its ability and jurisdiction over the legislature allowing them to pass any law they want with no legal recourse against them. Shall we just smile, bend over and admit we have elected a dictatorship or pretend for a while longer? I'm too much of a realist. I know I'm sitting in a hand basket. Once these laws are passed, even without the new muzzle on the Florida Supreme Court, we will be living under them for at least 7 years until they can expire naturally providing that law is not repealed. There is no recourse in the courts. The courts are stacked and controlled by the GOP/Tea party. It's over folks. Democracy is a facade. We elected our masters, or you did because I sure didn't vote them.

I am so exhausted I can barely move. The odd thing is all my psychic friends on Facebook have been posting they are exhausted since Friday. What is this....a world wide psychic plague of exhaustion?

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