Friday, March 25, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, 03.26.11

Bitwit was driving us crazy trying to get out the front door to catch a lizard that was taunting her. George had to chase her once, so I went out and picked some of the fresh catnip I have hidden.

Now, this catnip is on the Faery Garden Table in the double planter hidden by flowers and parsley. Still, another cat found it and totaled the plant. it is just now coming back and I decided to sacrifice a couple of leaves. I must be growing primo weed. She was totally stoned in a matter of seconds, rolling on the floor and falling over. Even Loki emerged from his hiding place at the other end of the shop because he could smell it! She was so drunk she almost fell off the counter, prevented only by George catching her. Then she slept for an hour like the dead. By then I had picked a few more leaves for Loki, Isis and Ra and they are totally unconscious on the floor. I have to get some seeds off this plant when it grows up.

We harvested 2 kinds tomatoes and two varieties of hot peppers today. I cut some dill for our chicken sandwiches and it really turned a plain sandwich into something special. I picked some parsley and George gave me the wrinkled nose treatment. One bite and he said this tasted like nothing he had ever had before. It was delicious. The mango tree has set more fruit than it ever has in the 16 years we have had the building. Everything is growing like mad!
In other good news, my neighbors paid for the mirror so Vanwitch will soon have eyes! I sure couldn't afford one and mine is manual!
In bad news, my CHKDSC program found multiple errors today when checking the hard drive and George tells me that means my hard drive is unstable and ready to crash. Hence I will be spending the weekend backing everything up on CD.

Today's Tarot Card is the Ten of Cups reversed. Problems in relationships can lead to divorce.

Pleasant dreams bring lessons tonight. Have that pen and paper by your bedside because it will be an early morning and you won't be feeling quite yourself

The 4th quarter of the moon begins at 8:07 AM EDT and you feel a sense of finality. This is the week to finish your projects, access their success and take a well deserved rest. By noon time, you are energized and making progress with elders and home business projects.

This weekend and next week are excellent times to get a psychic reading. It is also a very romantic time and tomorrow, the nostalgia for times gone by settles in for a few months.

Speaking of that, folks, please be careful clicking on things on the sidebar on Facebook. There is one add suggesting you click to stop Congress from enacting regulations that would increase the price of gas. Those regulations are safety measures and restrictions on off shore drilling which a few people in Boca trying to get tar off their feet would appreciate right now.

Another one suggests the government is taxing you for them and mortgaging your children's future. Just remember before you click that one, you are one pink slip away from being THEM. I know you think you are secure and so did George until they decided to close the Flagship branch in the USA and lay everyone off except the young ones they could entice out to Texas. Then you discover you can't get your retirement as fast as you can get booted out the door. You can eat or pay your COBRA insurance premiums so your wife can have the medicine she needs to keep her alive and gas just went through the roof. Suddenly, that retirement package isn't enough to feed you for the month and it looked so healthy when you started saving 35 years ago! Unless you have 7 mil in the bank, you are a hair away from being THEM. And if your business is doing so good right now, it won't be soon. You are in a transition business. Things like Starbucks are the first thing that goes under as people easily give them up. Then the bigger things like the repair business go under, because that central air costs more for a service call than the 78.00 window unit at BrandsMart and anyone can install one. Cable gets cancelled and so do the people servicing it. People start shopping at the second hand store, skipping the jewelry and perfume and going for generic creams. Yup, your business is next on the cut list. I worked in advertising during the big Reagan depression and moved into medicine because the newspapers were going broke. There was no money for advertising. I know how Reaganomics, Trickle Down, Supply Side, Liaise Faire or the GOP platform works. It doesn't. It never has. It never will.

That leads me to Congress' new bill. Buried in the pages of the new reform package is a cute little line that says if a member of your family goes on strike, your food stamps are cancelled. It doesn't say if that member needs to be a household member or a 5th cousin 4 times removed. Just a relative, so you might want to drop all your relatives on Facebook really fast! You might want to rethink repealing DOMA. It might be your only protection.

In other insanity, less than a week after the 88% of Miami recalled the mayor and a commissioner for spending money like it was water, 9 out of the 10 remaining commissioners voted to give themselves an 86,000.00 raise. They just don't get it, do they? Of course, they know they aren't going to be re-elected and their retirement package is proportional to their salary so this was the last screw you they could manage before they get recalled next week. I have to ask the question: are these people crazy or stupid. Then I realized there was a third option: stupidly crazy. People in Miami may not wait for the next recall election to be scheduled. So, if there is a run on tar and feathers, if I were on the commission, I would get out of town fast!

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