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Forecast for Thursday, March 3, 2011

Black Kyanite Hawk
 I even typed the wrong date trying to to forget but there is no getting around the fact that I am 60 years old today. The funny thing is, I am younger than most of the people claiming to be younger than me, chronologically. Technically, my solar return starts tomorrow with the New Moon. This should be an interesting year.

Don't forget, Saturday is Mineral Appreciation Day at the Cosmic Salamander and I will be here from 2 to 9 PM to answer your questions, help cleanse any stones that need it and we will have a charging station set up for your stones. So, bring your mineral babies with you. This is my favorite event because I am very in tune with the mineral kingdom.

Today's Tarot Card is the King of Cups and the Ace of Swords reversed. A man who claims to be taking care of you is actually doing nothing and nothing has been started. Get out there and do it yourself!

The Moon is void of course from 9:36 AM to 11:47 AM EST shooting the morning for most of us. It starts with a conjunction to Neptune which can create several conditions. At its best, it enhances your spirituality and psychic ability. In the mid range, it makes the time pleasant, romantic and rife with day dreams. However, at its worst, it is deceptive and causes nothing to be clear. It is hard to tell with a conjunction which will manifest and it really depends on your chart and your planetary aspects to it.
By mid afternoon a lot of teachers are talking about how it used to be and waxing nostalgic. Okay, my mother went to school in a one room cottage with grades 1 through 7 in the same room with the same teacher. She wrote her lessons on a little chalk board because no one could afford paper... Nostalgia is really nice when viewed from the proper distance and as the myth it often turns out to be.
The big influence for the week is a one in which a weak Mars in Pisces sextiles a strong Pluto in Capricorn. Emotional pleas meet with polite nods and not much more from authorities and elders.

The picture is of my favorite piece of Black Kyanite. To me, it looks like a Hawk with its wings outstretched in full attack mode. It is an extremely protective piece with just the right edge of violence. The black form of Kyanite is grounding when you are balancing your chakras. As I can state, some times when working with others to balance your chakras, you get a little disconnected and I even saw someone levitate once, so grounding is very good. It never needs cleansing or clearing because it does not absorb negative energy or vibrations. It automatically aligns the chakras, so you can just hold it and feel your energy come into alignment. It is rather nice to hold while sitting in a pyramid for meditation. It will unblock your chakras automatically. It is also the stone for past and future life exploration. This piece is pretty expensive as it is considered a specimen, but I have several small pieces that will work just a good.

How do you make a mistake while thinking you are winning? Actually, it is easy if you are short sighted. The business interests that control the big players in government thought it would be a brilliant idea to send all those expensive jobs overseas and get huge tax breaks for doing it. They began the collapse of the American economy. They figured this new class of high tech workers would fit in nicely at Micky D's while they drove by showing off their new Rolls. Heck, I bet they even got those fast food restaurants all excited by telling them they were going to get employees that could read and make change.
What they forgot to notice, never having eaten at one of those places, was its customers tended to be overworked techies and their children who had no time to cook. With no money coming in and plenty of time, those same people had no choice but to learn to cook and stay home as food stamps don't cover fast food. The fast food places were going broke and not hiring, jobs became scarcer than hen's teeth (hen's don't have any teeth, just a beak.) and suddenly the audience in the day time that had eaten up "who's the daddy shows" and any fake news they threw at them was replaced by actual intelligent, thinking people who are suffering. That my friends is a very bad combination because when the question is asked: "Could you do a better job?" they are talking to out of work personnel directors, accountants, lawyers, builders, engineers, etc. and the answer is: "YES!"
The letters to the editor this week have proved that people are thinking. They seeing this news bit crap as the lies it is and these "solutions" make no sense. A law suit is already filed by both Democrats and Republicans in the Florida Senate to stop our new goobenor from turning down the money for the high speed rail based on...are you ready.....possible overruns in cost. You have a large retired population down here that remembers the solution to the Great Depression was public works projects, the very projects the GOP/Tea Party is trying to scuttle. Unfortunately, that was pretty much the last time a bridge or levee was ever worked on....but never the less...we could start repairs tomorrow. BY the Way the main thrust of the lawsuit is to remind our goobenor we actually have a democracy in Florida and not a Monarchy. Seems he broke a few laws with the refusal of a proposal that was already passed and voted upon before he took office but then again, Him breaking a few that really news or business as usual????
Yup, an educated, intelligent out of work populace with no hope of finding a job is how most revolutions get started.Vive Anonymous! Well, some of you know what that means.....

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