Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Forecast for Wednesday, 03/30/11

I am sorry to report that it has become so difficult to republish or to publish links to this blog that if you want it, you are going to have to subscribe via blogger. I did not manage to Tweet it last night or post on Google due to technical problems. The same went for my persona; page on facebook. I simply can not keep Internet Explorer from crashing in the middle of everything.

Today's Tarot Card is the Two of Swords reversed. Things finally start to move!

Well, old Mercury officially goes retrograde in Aries at 4:48 PM EDT. The effects are varied with this retrograde and strongly are influenced by where it lands in your chart. It would land in my 11th house making it hard to start new friendships and host social events but considering Aries has a problem with sustained actions, that may not be as big a problem as it appears at first glance. This transit will make it hard to start things. It will also bring some restraint in the temper and diarrhea of the mouth department or at least we can all hope it does. Perhaps think before you speak will come back into vogue. Mainly, it will slow down everything and those things you have been avoiding finishing, will land on your head and force you to get them done at once.
So, your best strategy for surviving this retrograde is to just put your nose to the grindstone and finish all those projects you have let slide. Don't even bother trying to start anything new.

The day starts with a lot of talk, early morning phone calls and a full inbox. Evening is romantic and psychic.
The Moon is void of course from 6:21 PM to 6:38 PM EDT when she enters Pisces. Nostalgia and emotions rule for a couple of days.

Because I am a well trained astrologer (I actually went to school and can cast a chart by HAND!) and a psychic, I have a leg up on those that have one speciality. Since I also have my degrees in psychology and have worked in psychiatry, I know one really important thing: there is no shame in referring someone out when you do not have the training or resources to do the job. I say this because a new client has been run around the circuit and no one has been able to give her the answer to a simple question. One look at the charts involved and I could answer the question in a moment but, because they were so close, I can see how a psychic or Tarot reader would have been confused. In actuality, if I weren't so intimately connected to my cards, I would have made the mistake of thinking I was looking at one person instead of two. That would have cost this person a lot of grief. So, if you are in doubt, ask your cards or medium of prediction if you are looking at one person or two. There is no shame in running a second spread off to the side to get additional information. I do it all the time. If you getting a run around on your questions, seek out someone who has at least two very different specialities so they can cross reference your question. There is no harm in getting a second opinion....Remember, a psychic sees the most probable of futures and the most probable doesn't always happen. Other lines of influence can come around and knock you off the probable future.

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