Thursday, March 24, 2011

Your forecast for Friday, 03/25.11

That's what I looked like!
This is an official disaster area. I came down to the shop, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. I was happily going to come in, harvest my crops on Farm Town and let George go home and make his breakfast and have a quiet day of preparing for the weekend. As I came down the path I noticed both side were littered with stuff and then I noticed it was MY STUFF. I picked up speed and ran into the shop only to find George in the middle of my area pulling a Virgo.
Now, for those of you who do not know what pulling a Virgo is, allow me to explain. My boyfriend in college was a Virgo and coincidentally has the same birthday as George or I am or the other. We both worked in the library. One day as I am working on straightening out my section of the library, the science section, I heard the head librarian scream. Now this was an elderly gentleman who seldom raised his voice and thus the scream was equally scary coming out of his mouth. I ran downstairs to see the body and found him staring at the literature section (my boy friend's) in total horror. Well, boy friend was still standing but that was all. It seems the librarian concluded that if I could rearrange the science section so not a book was out of order without a single disruption in service, surely a MAN could do it better in the literature section. The shelves were empty and every book was in some pile on the floor. We are talking one third of the library. All the man could mutter as he turned purple was, "Janice, so something." My answer was: "Should I call the school nurse for you or kill him and in what order?" The answer was: "KILL HIM!" He was banished from the library and I spent the whole afternoon and night getting the books back into some semblance of order.
That is what I faced. My entire area that I have been cautiously and without disruption rearranging was in the floor and the outside path and George was in the center of the storm muttering: "Don't say word!" Say a word???? I was speechless. My mouth was slowly flapping open and shut like a dying bass. My eyes were bugging out of my head and then it got worse. After clearing the area for me to get into he decided to have me sort the wooden drawers and the first one I emptied so he could pull it out and reglue the bottom, the whole thing sprang apart and ball bearings the size on beads took off in all directions. That was when I decided that shelves would be a better idea although he is yet to completely agree. If you don't see George around for a long time, please do not alert the authorities.
So, how was your day?

Today's Tarot Card is Temperance reversed. Things are not in balance and I don't expect them to be around here for a few weeks.

The Moon will be Void of Course from 9:25 PM to 9:57 PM EDT when she enters Capricorn and everyone climbs their mountain and retreats to their cave.
Communications are fast and furious in the morning and no one is thinking before they open their mouth which leads to a big argument at some point. This is a good morning to be quiet.
This evening is very social and romantic so go ahead and make that date, but get home before 11 PM EDT or a nasty surprise may await you and more arguments. Well, you haven't been getting much so sleep so use that as an excuse.

I think Isis embodied what I looked like today. Enjoy the picture.

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