Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magickal Implications

More often than not, I see people walk out of my shop with enough spell kits and supplies to keep them busy for a year. Unfortunately they plan on using them all that weekend and I keep hoping no one burns their house down. Now, a scientific study has proven what I have been saying for many years: do one thing at a time!
Scientists took those ramped up super multitasking kids at University and tested them to see just how well they were studying, texting, listening to music and doing other things at the same time. What did they find? The super mutitaskers were not really learning or getting anything done well. Those who did one thing at a time in a non-distracting environment did really well on the tests.
So, next time I say one spell at a time, listen to the old Druid. She really does know what she is talking about. Settle yourself in a quiet room far, far away the phone, computer and Ipod and do one thing at a time in the right order at the right time. You will be surprised how well your spells work.
Now I know a lot of mothers are saying: like where and when. Children have a lot of psychic power and potential. Including them in your spells not only teaches them valuable skills, like concentration and focus, but it also adds a nice bang for your buck.

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