Saturday, March 5, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, March 6, 2001

Let me start by asking:
Does anyone have a Sharp XE-A505 cash register? I am stuck on the error message "misoperation" and it will not clear. I have followed the manual's directions and nothing. Have powered off for 48 hours. Nothing. HELP! I can't even get into the cash drawer and that has been a real problem today with customers right and left paying cash.

One of our customers brought a friend who took the rake away from me, probably because he couldn't stand to see a dumb animal in pain (me), and while I was helping everyone, leveled the entire area by the mailbox better than I ever could have. I am eternally grateful. It allowed me to put the stones in, put the dirt in the bed and plant the herbs, flowers and peppers. Yes, our garden is growing but just a word of advice, you do not want to grab one of those peppers and pop them in your mouth. If you do, I will sell you water at 50.00 a bottle. :) Now I need one more bag of black mulch and two flowers. I never get the amount right on this stuff.

I am proud to say I rode my bike to the shop and Direct TV and one more commercial white van tried to run over me. It also started raining. What a way to start your exercise program! It did not rain as bad at the Salamander as it did on the coast, so we were open and up and running. As you can see, we were even doing yard work. The weather here is always different from the rest of the counties because of the Hillsboro River behind us. If it rains there, it barely sprinkles here. If it dry there, it is pouring here. 

Today's Tarot Card is the Two of Cups. The emphasis today is on marriage, partnerships and family.

The Moon enters Aries at 12:14 AM EST and the energy speeds up. The tendency is start a lot of things, way more than you can finish. The trick is to moderate the starts and finish things. We are in the first quarter of the Moon, so this is the time to start major projects.
For the next week, you will feel a personal affront at limitations being imposed on anyone and anything. You want balance, you want beauty and you want fairness. You also want it NOW!
This is a very social morning but by afternoon elders and authorities put a dent in plans the results may be explosive. Change is going to happen and push has come to shove. Good financial news arrives this evening and it is also one excellent time to start a money spell. Time it within the hour around 6:43 PM EST.

Have a great evening friends. I have to get back work, but first I shall tell you story of one spoiled cat. As I was leaving Josephina had placed herself right in front of the ac. Now, it is not that hot, but she is black and a Queen sized lady. She was sitting there in front of the ac. I am cheap and really low on money, so I reached over, grabbed the remote and turned the ac off. Well, her mouth formed a little O and her eyes got real big and then the ears flattened out and the eyes narrowed and I knew if I didn't turn the ac back on, I would have no bedroom left when I returned.

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