Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 03/28/11

For running out the front door, George
humiliates Prescious with a
Lucky Nut tree leaf.
The most memorable quote comes from someone I do not know. Mr. O'Donnell says "Beck's fact free narrative for FOX news..." I love it. In Beck's narrative or rather starting it was that we voted to enter Iraq under Bush. WOW, what a selective memory! As I remember it, and mine may be failing but it sure seems to be a lot better than his, the huge fight was over Bush entering Iraq without a vote or reasonable cause (proven...there were no WMD's.) by invoking an executive order. Looks like the pots are calling the kettles black again and that refers to not being clean for those of you younger than me.
I have been suffering horribly with my sinuses so I decided to pay the allergen web site a visit. We are almost a 10 which is their top rating. I guess I shall be suffering a lot more. Good old Afrin nasal spray works way better than those fancy and expensive prescription ones.
George will be chronicling his adventures in gardening land, but for those of you not on FB, last night he was enjoying the Sweet 100 tomatoes when he bit into what he thought was one of them and discovered I was not kidding when he asked how hot a Haberno pepper is and I said: NAPALM! He actually managed to get some of the juice off his hand onto my breakfast plate and thus my egg and I thought I was going to die! I grabbed the plate a split second before Fionna took a lick. Whew! This my friends is why you do not sneak up and steal my peppers...... ;)
ACK....I forgot to gather the flower seeds. Oh well, the street lights are bright enough to gather them by.
I'd like to thank the drunks who keep throwing beer cans on the parking lot. Those things bring almost a nickle at the recycle center. :)
My condolences to the family and friends of the young man killed a few nights ago when he hit a pole over on Sandalfoot. He drove by our shop screaming obscenities and weaving all over the place a little while before. Friends, driving drunk is not a funny thing. It is a deadly thing. He was dead less than 15 minutes later. And no, I didn't do anything though I should have called the police and next time, I will with a description of the car and direction it is heading in. If I had risked being called a few more names, having more vandalism and complaints filed, he might be alive. Some times as pagans, we don't want to get involved because the slurs against us are religiously motivated and you never know who the responding cop will be and how many of the perpetrators friends will be by the next night, but I think this case shows that we need to risk it. What do you think?

Today's Tarot Card is Temperance. When all around you appears to be unbalanced, you have the ability to remain balanced within.

The Moon enters Aquarius at 7 AM EDT and if you can avoid getting on the road before that, it would be a good idea. Things now get a little unconventional and alot abstract. Aquarius loves humanity, it's people they hate.

An aspect lasting the entire week intensifies conflicts with authorities and elders. Tempers are short.

A really long lasting aspect does not bode well for the economy improving and besides the name calling, it is a very explosive aspect. Revolutions have started for less reason.

This is pleasant day with an early morning surprise putting a smile on your face. By night time, you are feeling more like yourself than you have in a long time.

I had a wonderful time at Michaels today and yesterday. I got two wire wrapping tools I have wanted forever on their 40% off coupon...50% yeaterday! I also got some mini jars to make vehicle blessing jars. After poor Vanwitch's mirror, I think she wants one. Oddly enough, I was thinking about making one after reading an article on house blessing jars and that very night, her mirror was hit! Stranger things happen around me.

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