Monday, March 28, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, 03/29/11

March is almost over. I think the rainy season has begun here. It has poured all day. We got at least an inch and a half of rain where the shop is.
After last night's getting rid of negativity wash, I am still shaking rosemary leaves out of my hair. Next time I make rosemary tea and pour it into the water to make the slurry.

Today's Tarot Card is the Ten of Pentacles. It seems money is all around you but you can't get your hands on it. You may have overlooked something!

For the nest week, social events provide interesting lessons as you see things are not as they appear.

The way around limitations comes via the electronic media as you make a startling discovery this morning. Then you will see how to make money.

Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow so get your affairs in order before things start going backwards. More about this retrograde tomorrow.

The CEO of CISCO is whining that he has to take his manufacturing to Ireland and Switzerland because the US has such a high tax break. He'll bring (OUR) money back if we will give him a ridiculously low tax rate. Along with him in the whine chorus is big Pharm and big Oil.
Well, let me ask the question no one has the guts to ask them. How stupid do you think I am?
Let's take big Pharm who have moved all their manufacturing and management to Ireland where they are getting a 12% tax rate instead of a 35% one in the USA. They just can't compete if they have to stay in the USA. Okay, gentlemen, please answer the following  question: exactly who is your competition?
Yes, my friends stop and think: when was the last time you bought a medication that said: Made in Japan? Even if a foreign company were to want to compete, they have to go through independent lab testing within the USA by a FDA approved lab before they can even consider bringing their product here and by the time they finish that, the US companies have a few years' jump on them in the market. These guys have NO COMPETITION. Have you the Chavez Gas Station in your neighborhood? Heck no! Same with the rest of them. They have no foreign competition over here.
So, what's the real reason they want those special tax breaks? Well, you see there is a reason why the Swiss and Irish can afford to give companies huge tax breaks. It is called a personal tax rate of 50-60% and VAT. In other words, they tax the companies by taxing the people making the money off the company. That is how they have such great social services, job security, housing and education for all their citizens. The citizens pay for it in a lump sum.
Now that the IRS has forced them to physically move their upper management to these countries or forfeit their nice little tax havens, they suddenly have to pay the piper personally in that country and that piper is a really expensive one. They want to come home where they have multiple loop holes to avoid paying that nasty little personal income tax and corporate tax, so they want us to pay them to bring OUR money home.
Anyone for building a really high fence and leaving them over there to dangle in the wind? How about we revoke their citizenship?
You see, 20 years ago when I was in England, all I had to do was show my passport and fill out a card and I didn't have to pay the VAT on anything I bought. However, when I brought it into the USA, I had to pay US tax on it if I brought in over 500.00 worth. That's how Jeb Bush's wifie got into trouble. Things are tighter if you have a work permit. That only applies to tourists. After so long you are paying taxes over there and their taxes are a lot higher than ours.
So, don't let the news media mislead you by avoiding the REAL TOPIC - why they want to come home. When is the last time big Pharm and oil or CISCO did anything for you? Yup, never. You are their market. It is your money they have overseas. They don't deserve a single break and they will come home without them because because 35% is a lot less than 50-60%.
As long as all they had was a PO box and a bank account in these countries, they were skating. Once they moved their people over there, the pain started. I say let them stay over there and we will replace them companies that employ our people, pay taxes and care about our country. Let's make sure they pay a hefty tariff on every product they sell over here just like every other foreign company. Let's really level the playing field and see how long they get their million dollar bonuses.
After all, how do you think those Canadian pharmacies stay in business selling the exact same pill from the exact same company made in the exact same place for less that half the price you can buy it in the USA? Canada isn't subsidizing those pharmacies. It's just on the world market, big pharm can't rake in the profits they do in the USA and then they take your money overseas to avoid paying taxes on it.....

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