Friday, March 11, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, March 12, 2011

We still a couple for sale.
Note to self: When wearing blue faery shirt, remember that glasses tucked in your neckline will totally disappear from view. This will save you hours of looking for your blue glasses.
No yogurt this morning as I had to hurry to the shop having slept late. Napoleon is not a happy camper and I shall pay tonight. The weather has turned cooler which in turn seems to activate that cats and that means the houses is mostly destroyed. Every night it is pick up everything when we get home. They must be bouncing off the wall which is odd considering they seem to be in the same place we left them 12 hours earlier.
No yogurt didn't prevent us from having a mulberry feast right off the tree. This year the birds are respecting us and leaving the branches we can reach alone. Last year, they got almost all the harvest. The mango tree has set fruit so no more pollen. I can almost breathe except for the pine, oak and ragweed.

Today's Tarot Card is the Two of Swords. Stalemate, there will be no progress today so relax. There is no point in beating your head against a brick wall.

You may not have gotten the best night's sleep. There are great ideas in the early AM and it finally looks like you will get through what has been blocking you for the last few months. Unfortunately, the aspect is completely in air signs, so it may seem like a great idea but implementing is going to be hard.

The Second Quarter of the Moon begins at 6:45 PM EST in 22Gemini03. It is time to evaluate your goals and projects and make necessary adjustment for success, but keep in mind you are overly critical of your self right now.

Remember, March 31st, wear red, on the sidewalks at 1 PM EST.

Well, it seems another goobernor idea hits reality, the world he doesn't live in apparently. His great idea to punish those lazy out of work goof offs hit a hurdle when someone noted that the Legislature in an attempt to protect our children passed a law that all "volunteers" have to pass a level 2 background check before they can be allowed to volunteer their services working with the public or doing that sort of public work. Unfortunately for those poor 100.00 a week lazy bums, the background check will cost them $46.25 and takes 4 - 6 weeks and since they need to immediately volunteer to get their unemployment check under the proposed system.....gee, any more ways you can balance the budget on the back of the middle and lower class, guys?  Oh, just out of curiosity, whose third cousin owns the firm doing the background checks for the State of Florida?
A smart reporter discovered just how much money our goobenor will put in his pocket from the corporate tax breaks he is trying to put into effect because of how those poor artificial people are suffering and discovered just how he intends to recoup the 17 mil he spent to get elected. And you thought he didn't have a one spends 17 mil of their own money to get a civil service job who is (a) sane and (b) not on the take. Electing a businessperson to a government position is like letting a fox run the hen house. The odd thing about this move to make Florida more friendly to business, is that according to every source I can find, Florida is one of the most friendly states to business with the lowest tax rates, lowest unemployment compensation rates and absolutely no workers rights being a "right to work" state. Funny about that right to work stuff. It really means the employer can fire you for no reason and you have to fight to get unemployment compensation and have no recourse. Shouldn't it be called a "Right to Fire" state? The worker isn't getting anything out of this.
And along with this making the state more friendly to business, he is gutting the educational system and making certain woman are barefoot and pregnant. Okay, I think it is time someone asked him exactly what kind of business he is trying to lure to this state with under educated labor with no rights. Should I be practicing my "yes massa's"?
Just something you might want to think about.....

Oh, and us old folks have already figured out that cutting medicare causes us to not get medicine and care and thus die faster so you don't have to spend as much on Social Security. That is the cheap form of the death panel brought to you by the GOP/Tea Party. It doesn't require the hiring of any fake doctors from the insurance industry to make decisions. You just die from neglect, all by yourself under a bridge somewhere because your social security check you spent your life paying into is so small you can't afford to live anywhere. Nice plan guys, but we didn't survive this long being stupid.

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