Saturday, March 26, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, 03/27/11

The Salamander celebrated Earth Day by shutting all the lights off, even if the rest of Broward County didn't even know it was happening. We couldn't turn off the street lights or the solar but we went dark. I was enjoying the outside area when the mosquitoes found me. It took them 15 minutes which means they are really getting slow! I had forgotten how much I love the shop, dark and lit by candlelight. It is very magickal in here at night. I think I shall enjoy it a bit more.
I discovered last night that Fionna only answers if you use her full name: Fionna Meat! If you don't add meat, she just keeps on snoozing.
I sowed a mescalin blend of lettuce and harvested a few leaves for our lunch sandwiches. Goddess, that was the strongest lettuce I have ever bitten into. I don't know how anyone could eat a bowl full of it!
George has discovered today that he may have "straightened" my area, but he also lost my entire week's worth of sorting and labeling. I have the labels and no idea where the product is. I am getting used to doing everything 2 and three or more times.

Today's Tarot Card is the Empress reversed. It is time to get back to basics because lean times are ahead.

Venus enters Pisces at 2:53 AM EDT and the emphasis is on romance, illusion and nostalgia. There is a yearning for the good old days that never existed. Lovers are viewed through rose coloured glasses. Nothing is as it seems socially or love wise. Be wary, because when she enters into Aries, where she is very uncomfortable, the sudden hue and cry is: "You don't really know ME!" Unfortunately, that is true and the tendency will be to rush into a rebound relationship that is totally unsuitable. So careful of your heart.

Worry made it a hard night to get some sleep. Thus, people just get more and more irritable until they blow in the evening. Then things settle into a holding pattern and all is quiet until 11:17 PM EDT when the Moon goes Void of Course and energy pours in but you have no outlet for it. Be very careful of elders and authorities trying to manipulate you by telling you about the good old days. At 60, I can tell you, the 50's weren't that great and all that family value crap was an illusion fueled by Valium and liberal amounts of booze. Who remembers the 60's? If you do you weren't having fun. The 70's set us up for the mess we are now in with the beginning of the ME generation. Trust me, technology, freedom and microwaves beat the "good old days" hands down!
I am not too sure about cell phones and computers as I am about to throw the computer through the window. Then again, it is over 6 years old.....In human years that must be around 500.
Well, George was going out to turn the lights on and I had to blow out the candles and return to lighting to find the flashlight. Yup, the good old days aren't what they are cracked up to have been.

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