Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 03/21/11

I had a lovely time at a jewelry show today. It was mostly populated by bead merchants and rock hounds. I love being among the rock hounds because of their love of the stones. Most could care less about the "metaphysical" properties. That leads me to ask a question of you, my dear readers.
I started in professional life in jewelry and I learned my gemstones there. Then I became a rock hound and learned even more before I ventured into the metaphysical area even though I have been psychic since birth. In my family, certain stones had properties and it had little to do with what the actual stone was. So, my question is, would you want to be told the real properties and value of a stone or mineral or would you rather just pay for the metaphysical spiel?
Let me give you a couple of examples. Tibetan coral is a big one that everyone was grabbing a few years back. Tibet is land locked and has no ocean. The stone turned out to be the cheapest coral you can find in the Japanese sea dyed a nice orange. Then there was strawberry quartz which was dyed glass from China and everyone knew that because the real stone tends to solid in color.Then there are really low grade varieties of some stones sold as really expensive metaphysical aides. Would you want to know you were essentially getting rocks with little value? Do you want to know that the cinnabar from China is now sanitized to remove the mercury and is a dye used on ceramic pieces or would you rather think this was a solid piece of cinnabar (which you really can't get)? Cinnabar is really only available in quartz. Solid cinnabar comes from Egypt and one dealer told me today you could get a bead for about 5,000.00! OUCH!
So, what do you think?
Personally, I fell in love with a rulitaled quartz point that was so clear and the gold soooo gold it positively glowed. It also cost 750.00 a little out of my price range for now. Then there was the pair of jade dragons. Oh, and there was a gong made of wood with demon carvings on it that made my heart skip a beat. Ahhh, I do drool a lot at these shows. I settled for an inexpensive grey jasper heart whose bail cost half the price of the stone! It's those little setting thingies that really run the price of your jewelry up..up...UP!
Oh well, I spent part of the time mentally projecting a don't buy field around the French Toast bagels at Panera until I could get there. It worked so well the sign actually disappeared off the bin and I got my half dozen of them!
Now last night was a little scary. I went to Michael's to get some egg holder for display. When I reached the register, it suddenly started malfunctioning. I have learned to just relax when this happens because the Fae are playing with it for good reason. By the time I reached the parking lot, the ambulances, fire trucks and police were speeding down Hillsboro. The accident was so bad they diverted all traffic off west bound Hillsboro. I know two people were carried off in fire rescue trucks. If the register had not malfunctioned, I would have been at that corner when the accident happened. As it was, I just had to detour through Boca to get home. I hope the register is all right....

Today's Tarot card is the Emperor. Stubbornness abounds today.

The Moon is Void of Course from 2:35 PM to 3:17 PM EDT when she enters Scorpio and things go undercover. This is also the time secrets are ferreted out just because they are secrets.
For a week or two, surprises in the area of fire and electricity abound and we all know electricity does not like me.This aspect brings volcanic eruptions.
After starting the night with restless energy, romance and maybe even a good talk gets you relaxed and back to bed. The afternoon is the perfect time to get a psychic reading but bear in mind, you may not like the truth you hear.
By late afternoon, free floating anxiety is floating through your mind, snarky comments are made and you are really irritable. Teachers get good news by evening.

Aspects begin to improve on Wednesday and are better on Thursday so keep the faith.
Mercury enters the Storm on Friday so keep in mind the retrograde is not far behind...

Well, today's drive really wore me out so I calling it night early.

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