Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 03/14/11

Everyone really needs to learn math. First off, without math, you can't calculate how many time Napoleon really ate today. I had to tell him he was putting on a little weight. Goddess, the look I got!
However, where I was really going before Napoleon derailed was where our dear Goobenor who may think he is Napoleon is going with his math or lack there of. Not even the reporter for the Sun Sentinel who wrote an excellent article got it right, so let me explain the basics.
First off, I want you to promise you will not scream and jump away from the computer because we are going to use percentages. Percentages are your friend and since they always involve multiplying and dividing by 10 or 100, they are really, really easy.
Now, the new home and business insurance proposal looks like this. Citizen's Insurance is going to be allowed to raise rates across the board 25%. That is 1/4 of your current bill added to your current bill. BUT, there is another provision in the proposal that says if another company can provide you with insurance at a maximum of 25% more in cost that Citizens can, you must take that policy. So, now pay close attention, your actual insurance bill may rise not 25% but around to 50%.
You see, Citizens has already raised the rate by 25% and you are required to take any policy that costs 25% more than, your 100.00 policy now costs 125.00 and you must take any policy between that and 157.25 cents.  Just take your current policy and divide 100 and then multiply bu 157.25 and you will have your new rate. Are you having fun yet?
Now, here comes the impossible math part and I mean impossible because it just isn't possible. This increase is supposed to be offset by a 10% reduction in your property taxes. Considering my property tax bill equals my insurance bill, that is impossible and adding to the impossibility, only small amount of my property tax bill is controlled by the State, the rest is controlled by the County or City you live in, so you aren't getting an across the board 10% reduction. What ever you do, don't let this man do your income tax. You will wind up in jail!

Now for the forecast which is always mathematically possible.

Today's Tarot Card is the Death Reversed. Do not panic. This means that there is no change in the way people are thinking.

A major Mars aspect lasting around a week, has people really digging in with their views about restrictions, laws, fairness and bargaining. No one is willing to give an inch. A Venus aspect also hitting Saturn for the week has people of like values and mind banding together.

Too many thoughts made it hard to sleep. Bad financial news arrives early in the morning. By afternoon, you really do not feel like socializing and tempers flare about what is happening to home and family. This will lead to action but since both Mars and the Moon are in water signs, it will tend to be a lot of yelling but no violence.

As I write, George is telling me that Japan has been hit with another, smaller Tsunami and the news reports the volcano is erupting. I don't know how much more that country can take. One thing is certain, the maps will have to be redrawn because a lot of land is now under water and probably will remain that way. The coast is simply washed out to sea. Before anyone breaths easily, keep in mind that what happens at that end of the Pacific Rim is connected to our west coast and South and Central America and Hawaii. The Storm Moon has not yet arrived. Things can get worse and seem to be. We may not be in clear. We may just have seen our future.

Meanwhile, because I am physically sensitive to volcanic eruptions and earth quakes, I am barely sleeping even with my medication. Napoleon is trying to keep me company but my thrashing around is proving to be almost too much for the baby. Josephina is really upset I keep waking her up and Fionna is really gaining weight as she keep talking me out of treats on every trip to straighten the cramps in my legs and feet. Even in the catdom, someone always profits from the disaster.

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