Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Forecfor Wednesday, 03-02-11

Crystal Day is Saturday
AURRGH>>>>It's creeping up on me. Help!

It has not been the day I planned but then again, when are they ever. After Costco, we stopped at Home Depot. On the way out a cart full of the huge retaining wall stones hit the holes where they close the chain doors and started toppling over on me. I managed to balance it until George and the clerk could get it upright and not get squished. I thought I was alright until around 2 AM when I awoke with the Hemmies! I must have really strained myself because not even the cream would stop the pain and thus, today I have managed to do nothing but sit on one foot to keep myself at an angle and whimper a lot.
The front finally arrived and we have really gotten some rain, for which we are very grateful. Hopefully all the brush fires were put out. Now to move the orchids and house plants back to their normal locations after their bath this afternoon.

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Wands. Expect to defend both yourself and your ideas today.

The way out of limitations becomes clear but no one will agree. Venus is now in Aquarius and the nostalgia is over. Women want to move froward and out of the past. Social events are moving forward at lightning speed. The more modern, the more likely your party will be the one attended.

There are two excellent letters to the Editor in the March 1st Sun Sentinel. If you can pull them up on line, you have to read them. Jeff Zeitlin, hits the nail on the head in a humorous manner about how the country is tyring to get out of debt. I applaud him. All the emphasis in government is on cutting expenses and no one has stopped to say: how about we get more revenue? I loved Robert Caruba Jr.'s counter offer to the new goobener's prison plan. I think it might just work, particularly the last line! BRAVO!

I also have to report that a politician actually said something intelligent. I know you probably either passed out or spit coffee all over your key board and of course, most of us have been saying this for years but here goes:
"It amazes me that we have to walk into a venue, show an identification card, and walk over into a booth (to vote)....when I can transfer money from one account to another worldwide with a push of a button." State Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach.

It has amazed the rest of us for years.....but we just figured it was a way to reward certain special people with lots of money for printing paper ballots, non-working and totally insecure voting machines and let's not forget the nationwide joke: the hanging chad. Most people didn't even know what a chad was, so chalk one up for expanding vocabulary.

I also don't believe this happened because intelligence in government is seldom used in the same sentence and that goes triple if the Broward County Board is involved in the sentence, but a Commissioner is actually balking at buying the infamous boat anchors known as "RED LIGHT CAMERAS". He suggested that to reduce accidents from red lights we should just add two seconds to the time after the light turns red before the other light turns green to clear the intersection. That's simple and effective. Let me make another suggestion...add the right number of seconds to the bloody yellow light. I saw a Metro bus run a red light tonight at 76 Place in Coconut Creek simply because the light turned yellow as the bus hit the line going into the intersection, was doing the speed limit, had no possible way to stop and the light turned red before it made it through the intersection. With a Red Light Camera, that would have been a ticket. So how about getting these stupid lights fixed before you buy any bells and whistles?

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