Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, March 10, 2011

Never Mess with my Food!
This has been a day of losing things only to find them under my nose. Frustration level: High!

Boogaboo is minus a head, sort of. He stuck his nose in my plate when Fionna was cleaning it. I never want to see that side of her again. All ten claws and four fangs hit him on the head. She was vicious. Never get between Fifi and her food or you are food.

Did a short interview with tonight. I think you will like their web site.

Today's Tarot Card is the Hanged Man reversed. Today is a day of major decisions. Think things through before making them.

Pleasant dreams are yours and a pretty much aspect free day, so enjoy! Late tonight things get really distorted and fuzzy. Avoid buying over the phone or internet. You may not get what you think you are getting.
Through the 18th you are more likely to get job offers at social events than through applications.

I am always amazed at the latest scheme to get free readings. This time it took me about 3 minutes to figure out what was going on when the woman asked for an "initial consultation", free of course. Now, if I can tell her something the other 50 psychics she just spent all her money dialing 900 lines didn't, she might schedule a reading with me. Meanwhile, I am sitting here with a backlog of mail readings I have to finish and this woman in prattling on and on. I believe after the third NO, I hung up. My time is money and I have no shortage of work. Why should I do a free reading after someone spends hundreds of dollars on the phone lines getting nothing over and over again? Should I be the one who gets punished? Nope, not this lady. But, I will tell you that every psychic I know gets these calls after they run out of money on the phone lines. Now, why don't they call us first? My guess is because they never had any intention of paying their phone bill. Once again my friends, this stuff comes back on you. I am smart enough to never try to get freebies as I know the bill will come due some place else. It's just the way the Universe balances itself.

Yesterday, my allergies were acting up so I was doubly grouchy. Then people started asking me if I was all right, I mean, really ALL RIGHT. I couldn't figure out what on earth had everyone so concerned until I got home and realized I had not put any makeup on because of the swelling around my eyes and nose.

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