Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, 03/24/11

Goddess, what a night, so please forgive misspellings, grammar and wrong words. For the second night in a row I laid down and my back went out and I finally had to take pain meds. Then my meds for RLS refused to work and I had to up the dose. Finally I went to sleep and slept like the dead or a cat. Today I have not had enough sleep, only 7 hours, and am fuzzy from the meds, so nothing is getting done right. I think I need more coffee.
Still no returning neighbors and my mirror is taped up but I can't see much of anything in it so I have been staying to neighborhood and driving only back and forth to the house. I am afraid to get out on 441.
I got an entire bowl of mulberries today and in a fight with a balckbird. He decided to take the mulberries from the low branches and I decided to swat him. Then he tried to take them out of the bowl while I was getting the camera to document my harvest. Now, I am getting really angry. So, he proceeds to spend the next hour setting all the outside alarms off just to torture me. Oh, it was deliberate because I opened the door and found him flapping his wings at one.

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Swords: beware of theft.

This promises to be a good day. There is some good financial news in the afternoon and good news about limitations has you ready to get out there and conquer the world.

There is a myth going around that only revenue the government has is income tax. I know, you just said HUH? What do you mean? They have other ways of getting money?
My friends, they have a 101 ways of getting money and even more of hiding it. Waaaay back when I was in Junior High, so you know how long ago that was, there was a movement afoot that died fast to expose the hidden taxes on every day products you buy. Take gasolene. When I was in the aircraft business, I worked for a company that refueled aircraft. Keep in mind the taxes on aircraft fuel are less than on car fuel. 1/3 of the price of a gallon of gas was tax. Waaaay back then, there was a nickle tax on every loaf of bread. You never saw any of this. Why do you think gas prices have that 9/10's of a cent on them. That is just one tax. There are several including your local and state taxes. Now, the trick is that you don't ever see this revenue when you get your tax bill. It gets diverted into special funds or descretionary accounts. That means the money is hidden in accounts to be spent on specific things like art for your courthouse when you are laying off police. The "GREAT DEFICIT" does not take into account any of these "special taxes" in the plus column.
Let me explain how this works and it is a neat trick of accounting I learned from a master who learned it from the government.
Let's say you pay the $5,000.00 application fee to file your patent. Yes, you read that right. That money goes directly to the patent office. Now, that office, like all its relatives, files an operating budget with the US government. An operating budget shows your expenses, not your income. Now, our government accountants take that figure and place it into the national operating budgeting which then gets lumped into the national budget and then your income tax dollars are deducted from that budget and what is left over is called the "Deficit" since Bush spent all our money.
Have you noticed where the rabbit went? Come on, look at that paragraph again. Your 5,000.00 application fee just disappeared into never-never land. Do you have any idea how much money drops down those rabbit holes and even how many rabbit holes there are? Nope, and neither does anyone else.
That's how your local government is broke and suddenly has a million bucks to upgrade the comfort of their lobby. That is how they lay off teachers, police and emergency personnel while spending over hundred grand to redecorate their offices every term, close to a million in staff salaries and manage to have a lovely car allowance that would pay most of our mortgage payments. Not only do you need to ask where the money is going but you need to follow the trail of where it is coming from to get an accurate picture and I guarantee my friends, that is one picture they do not want you to view.

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