Monday, February 28, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, 03-01-11

The Salamander is popular with the
Ducky Crowd.
Good Goddess, did anyone see where February went? We need to get it back. I am so not ready for my birthday Thursday. I can't be 60! It can't have happened. Those sneaky years have crawled around and whacked me!
Remember, Saturday is Mineral and Crystal Day at the Salamander and there is a rumor that the next week is Pendulum Saturday and as a bonus for buying a pendulum there will be free classes...You need to stay tuned because all sorts of stuff is happening at the Cosmic Salamander.

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Cups reversed. Your choices in love have narrowed down to one without your permission. The mystery is gone and reality has set in for the long haul.

Talk of limitations for the next couple of days is aggravating as you have an idea whose time has come and you are breaking away from the pack. Those who are stuck in the past are doomed to just keep repeating it.

Well, I am glad this weekend finally put one rumor to bed forever. A quarter of a million people turned out to protest the assault on workers' and women's rights and except for a very few newspapers, nary a peep was uttered. Instead the whole thing was covered up with the really awful Oscars or whatever they were. Did you really think I watched? Anyway, we can now definitively state there is no LIBERAL MEDIA. It doesn't exist. The GOP/Tea Party control the media just like we liberals have been telling you all along. Gee, I wonder what else we are right about? You are about to find out, the hard way.

Today we bit the bullet and filled Vanwitch up at Costco. They really do have the cheapest gas. It will have to last us a month or two, so needless to say, we aren't going far from home. I got some needed supplies like Greek Yogurt and Strawberries. I forwent the new J.D. Robb book I have been drooling and waiting on for it seems like ever. Money is too tight to spend on a book right now. With that, I shall settle in for the night. Tomorrow is a big gardening day at the Salamander and I guess I ought to tell you will be closed tomorrow until evening. They sent the papers for us to get the retirement and they have to be notarized and thus, we have to go down to the new bank and get all of that done. I really, really am starting to hate these people.

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Auron said...

Nice post. It’s easy to romanticize about the Druids but Caesar wrote about them and was convinced they partook in human sacrifice. The only way they could please the gods was to kill people, criminals if possible but if not, someone had to get it.

“The whole Gallic nation is virtually a prey to superstition, and this makes the serious invalids or those engaged in battle or dangerous exploits sacrifice men instead of animals. They even vow to immolate themselves, using the Druids as their ministers for this purpose. They feel that the spirit of the gods cannot be appeased unless a man's life is given for a life.

Public sacrifices of the same sort are common. Another practice is to make images of enormous size, with the limbs woven from osiers [willows]. Living human beings are fitted into these, and, when they are set on fire, the men are engulfed in the flames and perish. The general feeling is that the immortal gods are better pleased with the sacrifice of those caught in theft, robbery or some other crime. But if a supply of such criminals is lacking, then they resort to the sacrifice of completely innocent victims. . . "

How much of this is true and how much was propaganda is difficult to say, but the chances are there was some truth to the accusations.