Monday, December 13, 2010

2 logic problems

I'm having a problem with 2 logic problems. Need help.
How can 17 billion dollars for health care be mortgaging our children's futures and 500 billion in tax cuts for 3% of the population + 25 billion in estate tax repeal not be?????
Oh, my second problem.
How is borrowing from China to finance Health Care worse than ex president Bush borrowing money from China to finanace 3 wars: Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan?
If you have to  mortgage your children's future wouldn't you rather it be for something they can actually use?
By the way, Social Security will now run out of money before most of you retire in like 5 - 10 years as Republicans included a provision in the bill to create a "holiday" from Social Security tax effectively reducing its funding and eliminating its balanced budget, you know, like they did with Clinton's balanced budget when Bush created those tax cuts for the rich and 3 wars.....
Tired of hearing Bush's name??? Gee, I was that way one month into his presidency. Enjoy your poverty.

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