Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Modest Proposal

And I might add, a very simple one.
If anyone were really interested in closing down the "pain clinics" that are nothing more than legal drug pushers, the solution would be very simple and require no laws. Are you interested?
The way they fly under the radar is by having the doctor sell the medication for cash on premises.
All the drug company would have to do is refuse to sell to anything other than a licensed pharmacy with a licensed pharmacist and limit the amount of narcotics an independent pharmacy could buy in one month. more Stop and Drugs in business. Prescription Drug problem under control.
Giant pharmaceutical company takes a BIG hit in the old pocket book as death rate drops.
Now, are you wondering who the drug pusher really is, yet?
I've been accused of inciting class warfare by calling the rich, well, rich. BUT, how many of these millionaires made their money legally or ethically? How many got their money through a nice leg up by the local politicians while the little guy got knocked out of the contract bidding process if there was a bidding process at all? Is it totally a coincidence that a law gets passed preventing the all new regulations from going into effect the day before the regulations on "stop and drugs" were to go into effect? If you think so, then you believe no one in the Florida Congress was aware that regulation was going into effect the very next day. Now it sits in limbo. It is pretty much without fail that when a well dressed person pulls out a wad of cash to pay, they say, "You won't have to report this. It's cash."
HUH? I report every sale. It has to balance against my inventory book and my sales tax collection record and my purchase records. Then, all of those feed into the IRS, not to mention my bank records show up to the IRS. How exactly do you not report income unless you are doing something illegal or have a nice account in the Cayman Islands. Personally, I can't afford to swim (I'd have to buy a swim suit) to the Cayman Islands much let alone have a bank account there.
The bottom line is that if you manufacture narcotics that are highly addictive and you make it easy for people to distribute them and for addicts to buy them, whether you are in a three piece suit or a pair of leather pants with a feather in your hat weighed down with gold chains, you are a drug lord and a pusher. End of story.

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