Saturday, December 11, 2010

I just can't stop laughing.....

New from the DCCC:

"Meet Your New (Old) GOP

They're not even sworn in yet and the incoming House Republican Freshmen class is already looking a lot like the same old GOP that voters fired in 2006. Here is a quick recap of the incoming Republican House Committee Chairman:

Representative Hal "Prince of Pork" Rogers to chair the House Appropriations Committee, who pushed through 135 earmarks at a cost of $246 million in the past two years alone.

Representative Dave Camp, someone best known for protecting tax loopholes that reward big corporations for shipping American jobs overseas, to Chair the Ways and Means Committee.

Representative Spencer Bachus, chief Republican negotiator of the tea-party hated TARP bailout to lead the House Financial Services Committee.
at least nine incoming Republican Freshmen have hired K Street lobbyists as their top aides."
Rolling on the floor laughing. Ignorance is cured with facts but stupidity is terminal.

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