Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Forecast for Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2010

The weatherperson promised it would be warmer tonight. I think they lied.
Today's Tarot Card is the Empress. If I get this card in a personal reading either the person is going to gain weight or become pregnant. In a general reading it means comfort, opulence and generally: nesting. So, home, family, hearth and a good book are the desires of this day.
The Moon is Void of Course from 10:05 AM to 3:49 PM EST. Look on the bright side. At least you can make it to work without a bunch of addled people trying to run over you. For a good week and a half, elders and authorities do want to hear about art, beauty or fairness. If they do, you will get blasted! All they want to hear about is how you are going to save money.
This is a very psychic and dreamy morning. Romance is in the air but it is not a realistic romance. That will bring a lot of emotional irritation. And then you will see the karmic lesson in all of this ending with you not liking what you have sown. A little hint here: if you are nasty and critical of people all year, don't expect to be deluged with invitations for a New Year's Eve party. They have sobered up from Christmas.
The Moon enters sexy and sneaky Scorpio at 3:49 PM EST. People are sharp tongued, inquisitive and deceptive under this moon. Don't do or say anything you don't want used against you at a later date.
For those of you in the Pacific time zone, Mercury goes Direct at 11:21 PM PST.
I must stop taking delight in watching people reap their just rewards. All those who voted for the wonderful corporate lackey we now have governor actually thought he was going to help the middle class. Let's see, recommendation one was bring back the Voucher program, greatly expanded, to destroy the public schools. Suggestion number two is reduce unemployment benefits because people aren't spending enough time looking for those nonexistent jobs. To put the cherry on that sundae, his staff misquotes a study by a former Obama economist done during the period of low unemployment by using the lowest end figures and not considering the high end of the spread. The bigger the lie, the more people tend to believe it. I don't know who said that, but it is sure proving to be true. Keep in mind, unemployment compensation is not a hand out. It is an insurance program that your employer has paid into every month on your behalf as mandated by law! This is not welfare. So the theory is by reducing the amount of the payments which are a max of $275.00 a week...a little hint here...George used to make over 100,000.00 a year and he doesn't get that payment, but a much lower one.....are too much and that will force people to look harder for a job (also called a fantasy in Florida) and stop Florida from borrowing money from the Feds to make the rolls and hence balance the state budget on guess whose back. Oh, and they want to put all the unemployed out doing public works. The only problem with that is, when do you look for work and how do you show up from your interview when you are picking up garbage in the local park??? Didn't think about that, did you?
You know something folks....the tax rate doesn't matter one iota when you aren't employed or making any money, but you are about to find that out so I'll just wait for you to catch up.
This morning I stumbled upon a marvelous invention. I normally awaken unable to bend over, in excruciating pain and the back pain never really lessens that much over the course of the day. I have osteoarthritis of the spine and the rest of my body. Nothing really had worked and this morning, something did. In fact, I have been virtually pain free in my back and able to bend and twist all day without pain. Unfortunately, I don't have the money for a patent or to even make a prototype, but I certainly stumbled onto a miracle.
I wonder how many other miracles are sitting out there, like mine, and no one ever benefits from them.

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