Sunday, December 26, 2010

Forecast for December 27, 2010, Monday

Being off the cable and satellite grid and forced into antennae mode which is rearranged by the roof dwelling raccoon on a regular basis, I do not get many TV channels or any with predictability. Imagine my surprise when our good friend Maris posted that Dade and Broward Counties are under a FREEZE warning. This is SoFl. We aren't supposed to freeze. If I were partial to white sheets, the shop yard would look haunted, but unless your ghosts wear flowered sheets, it doesn't. Life is strange at the Cosmic Salamander.
Today's Tarot Card is the Eight of Pentacles reversed. It's time to multiply your efforts in making money. Figure out how to do it once and sell it at least twice: legally. That is how you create wealth.
The Moon is void of Course today between 7:21 AM and 12:38 PM EST when it enters Libra. Oh, what a fitting start for Monday morning; a bunch of lost, distracted and confused people on the highway! Be careful out there!!!! Early morning dreams of loss bring confusion upon awakening but they are not prophetic, they are just your subconscious fears manifesting in your dreams. You will reap your just reward but you may not like the lesson that came with it.
After the Moon enters Libra, the emphasis shifts to beauty over function. Ambivalence is the key word as Libra weights all the options and never manages to reach a conclusion. Thus, later tonight, authorities and elders squash all plans of change that would have benefited you or artistic pursuits. Life just isn't fair.
Of all my cats, Napoleon holds a grudge the longest. This morning he was still beating on his sister for playing with HIS TOY late last night. Let us not mention that the casualty in this war my bedroom.  She is in hiding or the witness protection plan. I know not which. Napoleon is in possession of the bed. I have a lot of work to do before I get to sleep tonight but at least tomorrow the Salamander is closed and I can sleep in.
As you get older, more things just aren't worth the effort. I saw something on sale I would like this morning in the paper, but I just couldn't see fighting the crowds to get it. Tomorrow, I will venture out as I need to refill my antibiotic nose wash, but only because I HAVE TO. Otherwise I would not leave the house and shop until January 2nd.
Having the shop completely alarmed and under surveillance cameras gives us a measure of security until I come in, plug in the code and hit one key with the edge of my finger causing all the alarms to go off and then you have know the drill....explain how stupid and clumsy you are to a snickering stranger.

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