Sunday, December 5, 2010

It has been some week

It has been some week at the Salamander. This was our first week open since our grand reopening on Black Friday. It has taken some getting to used to.
First off, Napoleon's nose is totally out of joint. He situates himself on the scratching tree in front of the living room window before I get out the door and doesn't leave his post until I return. Then he comes in the bedroom and lays just his head, leaning on me and purring when I get home. And finally, I get the Look of Pain. Where guilt is concerned, that cat is better than a Jewish mother! George has suggested bringing him to the shop but I quickly pointed out that as he and Bitwit fought for supreme cat ruler of the shop, the casualty would be the SHOP! There would be nothing left with two huge cats flying around!
Bitwit, Isis and Loki are beside themselves having humans around. Loki comes down and parades for all the women. No touching is allowed but he will demonstrate his beauty and his huge fluffy tail. Then he walks off and waits for offerings. None have a arrived but he remains ever hopeful. Bitwit now must check my breath and George's breath first thing to make certain we are not eating all her cat food. You learn very fast to brush your teeth before coming in because she will try to pry your mouth open and scavenge food. She is the first cat breath-a-lizer. Isis is up in years and she is just enjoying having a clear shop floor and a soft chair.
Aside from the felines, two opossums seem to taken up residence at night along with the crazy raccoon that lives in the palm tree and eats all the baby coconuts. Howler (feline) is happy to get regular meals on time. Howsler has learned to follow us from the house to shop and beg for a second meal! He takes the short cut that if I took it, a few neighbors would be really upset at Vanwitch driving through their houses. At first we thought it was another cat until I noticed the distinctive swirl on his back leg. I believe that is called double dipping not matter what the species. We have two resident ring necked doves demanding the bird feeder be filled every couple of days. Now you know what keeps me so busy first thing.
Old and new customers have dropped by. I have the hours on the answering machine which apparently was a total waste of breath as I have messages saying they are in the parking lot and no one is here. We are closed on SUNDAY AND MONDAY! I swear, I cannot make that more clear.
The shop is slowly getting straightened out. George is working his tail off moving things. New stock has arrived and new boxes and displays are here. I have been setting them up and am proud I managed to use a screw driver as that tends to be my downfall. I can never keep it in the slot. So, drop on by and say Hi!

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