Saturday, December 4, 2010

Forecast for 12/05/10

The Knight of Cups reversed tells us to give others their space. There is nothing you can do in love matters today except convince people you are way too clingy.
The New Moon is at 12:36 PM EST in 13SAG28. This new moon brings a more playful attitude with an ample dusting of wanderlust. Major legal decisions affecting a large number of people are due in the next 14 days or so. People are interested in furthering their higher education and enrollment jumps in colleges.
The Moon sextiling Saturn this afternoon, has you wondering what on people are thinking when they are decorating, but the jokes on you because they are just having a bit of fun. Expect complaints about how much electricity the decorations are using.
Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, bringing new and transforming communications from authority figures. Expect a saturated media as everyone tries to get their own reality show....Goddess am I glad I only have antennae.
Uranus goes direct at 8:50 PM EST, but since Mercury enters his storm tomorrow, things will move faster but you may only be making mistakes faster. With Uranus in Pisces, people are going to be hypersensitive as Mercury plays around in Capricorn. If you think the silent guy was silent before, he is about to head for his mountain top cave now and put out the no trespassing signs.

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