Thursday, December 23, 2010

Forecast for Friday, Dec. 24, 2010

I am determined to exit here at a normal hour today so I can pick up a few things from the craft store. I need crimp beads!
So, Today's Tarot Card is the Wheel of Fortune. Major change is in the air. Finally things seem to be moving!
You may wake up early out of a nightmare. It is just the left over stuff from the past few days, nothing really prophetic. So get a cuppa and relax. Or if you are like me, you'll take your BP meds and stroke Napoleon. The morning brings some release from restriction. Although the noon hour is social, watch what you say. People are listening and taking notes. There will be a lot of talk this evening. The mood lightens and finally you are having a good time. Be playful.
The spread I was talking about last night is Brummel and Brown. I think you will really like it.
This afternoon I made some Greek Yogurt for Napoleon and myself for lunch. I take the yogurt, mix a Truvia Package in it with some vanilla extract. Then, I added walnuts and raspberries. Napoleon thought it was so good, I was late getting in so he could lick the entire bowl. I have so spoiled that cat.
Everyone is fascinated with the Blue Sage. It is so minty and nice to smell. Remember, you can put smudge sticks out in some water and relight them at a later time. You don't  have to burn the whole thing at once. Goddess, some of these 8 inch ones would set off the smoke detectors!
There will be a big annoucement this weekend and that is all I am going to say.....

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