Friday, December 24, 2010

Forecast for Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just helped a gentleman in a panic when he discovered his relative married a Wiccan and he had NO IDEA what to buy for the holidays. You can't go wrong with our line of merchandise. I'd love to find it under the Yule tree with my name on it. Remember, in the store we take Mastercard and Visa. On the net, Paypal takes everything. You don't need an account. I keep saying that because people think you do. They are just a gateway like my machine I swipe your card through and so far, I have not heard  of them ever being hacked. Can't say the same for a few banks.....
This was a pleasant contrast from the rest of today: Dear Goddess, if I get one more group of young adults looking for stuff to smoke I may give them something to smoke. No, you can not smoke, snort or otherwise imbibe Dragon's Blood Incense or ink! Though I've got say, snorting the ink would give me the giggles for a week or two as you tried to get it off you! Trying to take Bitwit's bag of catnip may give you a name change to Claud Balls. Bugging me will cause warts. I am really, really good with warts and I have a backlog I have removed for people.....They have to go somewhere, you know.
Remember, we are open the 24th and 25th until 9 PM even if you just need some company. I have some soy eggnog....ooops...that keeps people away. I have coffee and tea, too.
Okay, today's Tarot Card is the Four of Cups. Offerings of love are the fare today. Enjoy and stop worrying about tomorrow.
You might be better off not opening any gifts until the Moon enters Virgo at 10:14 AM EST. Okay, it will make you pretty critical, but the previous aspects make you annoyed, confused (the moon is Void of Course from 4:28 AM to 10:14 AM EST) and really teary if you don't get what you think was promised. Now, come afternoon, the sun comes out, emotionally, anyway. You are feeling good, practical and ready to map out all the changes you are making in the new year to solidify your financial position and create abundance.
Mercury goes direct on the 29th and moves out of the storm on January 4th. Things will be looking up.
And I am making my yearly money tree, so drop by the shop to see it next week and to put your name on it. This brings a funny story about last night to mind. I have been waiting for Target to reduce their holiday merchandise and hoping they would still have a black tree left. Black absorbs and attracts so it is an excellent base for most any working. I proudly made it to the counter with the little black tree and the clerk started to freak. Why do I want a black tree? Just then she noticed my earrings are a witch stirring a cauldron and the credit card machine instantly went into reset mode when I swiped my card and she had to input it manually. I don't think she wanted to know why I wanted a black tree after that.....but she sure was really, really nice....
Now for the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT I promised. We paid the mortgage off on the building today, just after Noon....about 12:30 for your astrologers. Finally, we ended the Mercury Retrograde cycle George bought it under! We also now own the .5 acres behind the building bordering the Hillsboro Canal. We can have a labyrinth, mini-fairs and events now! I am already planning the grape arbor! No more mortgages on anything! We own everything but Vanwitch free and clear. We have worked our tushes off to get to this point for 40 years and it has not been easy. Party to follow!!!

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