Sunday, December 5, 2010

Forecast for Dec. 6, 2010

6 of swords reversed. Instead of moving out of choppy waters, you are moving into them as you revisit old issues.
Well, doesn't that just go with old Mercury entering the storm today. Although things go haywire during a retrograde, exactly what is determined by the sign Mercury chooses to punish, it also brings back old issues for resolution. It is a time to clear up old karmic baggage.
Mercury has decided to torture us Capricorn. This brings up issues with elders and authority figures. Rather than authority figures having things go badly, we have to make certain it isn't us they are out to get! Both dementia and agoraphobia become become more problematic under this transit. It also affects the knees so be careful with your workouts. It is going to become increasingly more difficult to get organized. Practical decisions may freeze you and instead of being cautious, you become paranoid effectively stymieing all progress. People easily forget other people's feelings now. So grow a shell but not one so hard that nothing good can get in.
A little caveat that Chris Penczak puts on his meditations is very effective this month and goes something like this: Protect me from all things GOOD and BAD that are not conducive to my highest good. People can kill you with kindness and the worst words ever spoken are: It was for your own good! That one sentence will be the prevailing theme for authorities during this Mercury Retrograde. It won't do you any good so don't fall for it.

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