Monday, December 6, 2010

Forecast for Dec. 7, 2010

The ten of swords reversed. The good news is no one is trying to stab you in the back. The bad news is you are tempted to do the stabbing. That will get you a lump of dung for Yule. Hey, coal is expensive. Hairballs are free.
Today is the Islamic New Year.
Mars enters Capricorn at 6:49 PM EST. Energies become more cautious and restrained. It is hard to get things started and it seems like there are more rules and restrictions than ever. By late tonight you blow up over all these problems so try to keep your cool.
Unless you really have someone who may have a real emergency and need you like a child or parent, you might want to consider turning the phone off early this morning. People get really chatty and inane in the wee hours, like 3 AM.

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