Saturday, December 25, 2010

Forecast for Sunday, Dec. 26, 2010

George is talking about building a fire out back to celebrate. Okay, now does my fire insurance cover this? Probably.....
Today's Tarot Card is the Four of Swords reversed. No rest for the weary today. Those sales start early. The Salamander doesn't open until 2 PM so you can sleep in and shop here.
The morning starts with a lot of talk about reaping what you sow and continues for a couple of days as authorities and elders try to make you change your ways. Right now they have the power so you may not have a choice in the matter. Energy is really high this morning and you can get a lot done. Socialize in the late afternoon and evening. Just be wary of the evening hours as people are a  little moody and their comments may be hurt.
Kwanzaa begins today.
They say that having the windows open for 15 minutes a day cuts down on pollutants. Obviously, THEY do not have allergies. I sneezed for 5 minutes straight. Now I have choked on a hot popper because of another sneeze and I have a sinus headache. THEY DO NOT HAVE ALLERGIES. Unfortunately, Bitwit is glued to the window sniffing and I don't have the heart to close it she is enjoying herself so much. I swear her nose moves as much as a rabbit's does.
We really do not find it amusing that just about every time we have young adults come to the shop, some of our decorations disappear out of the yard. The local Fae do not find it amusing. The Spirits do not find it amusing. I seriously doubt if the sticky fingers are going to find their life amusing either......Sorry folks, but everything here is charmed and placed for a reason and with the permission of the Loci. Moving things is a really bad idea.....I even ask permission before I move things.
Oh, our little tree, Norman, lost his hat when I brought him home. Today I went to fill the bird feeders and as I reached for the bird food, there was his hat. He is now wearing it and I am really suspicious as to which local Fae was wearing that hat for last night's celebration....

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