Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Forecast for Thursday, Dec. 30, 2010

I have gotten so used to getting a good night's sleep that one night that didn't go so well, I forgot to take my meds, and I am totally shot the next day. This after a lifetime of not sleeping well affects me like a ton of bricks! Not only that, but one eclipse and my whole sleep pattern is disturbed. I must be getting old.

Today's Tarot Card is Justice. Legal matters turn out in your favor and in favor of justice being served.
Mercury goes direct at 2:21 AM EST but don't breathe easy. It doesn't exit the storm until January 4th. I don't see any reason not make some resolutions and move forward on them. However, a recent study shows that if you have never had success making resolutions, that is probably not going to change.
This is an easy day when energy flows well. If you are tyring to dig up some dirt on authorities or elders, this day could bring success.

I some times wonder about our huge display case in the shop. I bought it at a discount place because something at fallen through the top and broken all the glass shelves. It took over a year to get it delivered because they kept losing it! Then it took another year to get the shelves and then they were the wrong size. We had to whittle the side supports to get them in. We went through three tries at getting the side glass before giving up. Today we decided George would cut a piece of clear plastic that we use in windows for them. This stuff is unbreakable so don't even think about throwing something at it unless you want it to bounce and whack you in the head. That was when we found one of the glass pieces and I promptly cut two fingers open handling it.
Then I was trying to clean the glass with the new organic (cheap) glass cleaner and it wasn't even clearing the dust off. That was when I started gagging and coughing and discovered I really had an identical bottle of Hot Shot insecticide not glass cleaner. All clear liquids look alike.I went to BJ's and got good old BLUE Windex as I am never making that mistake again. I have been sick ever since. Then I scratched one shelf with the big quartz point. Yes, quartz does cut glass! It seems every time I try to do something with that case, something happens to it or me. Anyone want to buy a haunted dark wood China display cabinet???? You will regret it.

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