Saturday, December 18, 2010

Forecast for Sunday December 19, 2010

A rainy, turning cold, day in Sunny SoFl. If you are a tourist, you got one good day. It wasn't like this before but it has been getting colder sooner every year with global warming. I am looking at planting peaches, apples and hazelnuts soon. Think of the climate as a pendulum. When it gets unbalanced, it swings from side to side, extreme to extreme, until it settles down at a new midpoint. That is what the weather is doing. Gaia tries to cool off the overheated summers with freezing winters.
Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Wands reversed. Friends are not the friends you thought they were. Ever hear the phrase: fair weather friends? Well, you have populated your life with them.
This is one aggravating day. You can't seem to get things started, changed or on track and you have no idea why. There is a lot of playful talk and no commitment. Just chill out and assume nothing is getting done so you are taking a mental vacation day.
Remember, the Cosmic Salamander is open 2 Pm to 7 PM today for that last minute shopping.

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