Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Truth About Free Questions and Cheap Readings.

You might want to print this out if you memory is as bad as mine.
When you see an ad offering one free question it is a come on. These con artists use that free question you are going to ask to access whether you are worth conning by finding out how much trouble you are in and how desparate you are. If you aren't a good mark, they aren't interested in wasting their time with you. If you are, they will be more than willing to take you for 10 grand or more.
Cheap readings are also a come-on in more ways than one. As a store owner, I have learned the hard way that people who claim they just want to help people with cheap readings tend to be con artists. The most frequent con is the old timer trick. Just before the timer is about to go off the "psychic" sees something important you have to know. You have to buy more time to find out what. You would be surprised how many times a rational, intelligent person will fall for that one. There never is anything important. The con artist really loves cash clients, as I found out the hard way. To keep the store owner from finding out what they are doing, they lovingly offer to take the money up to the counter for you so as not to "break the continuity" of the spiritual message. The money goes in their pocket.
The second con is to sell you more services....just 250.00 more dollars in cash will bring your lover back, whether want them or not. It costs soooo much more because the "psychic" has to go to 7 churches to light 7 candles for the prayer to work. I pulled out the yellow pages one day and showed a woman that weren't 7 churches with candle lighting services in town. I think the Baptists would get a tad upset if you lit a candle on their altar.
The third con is to use the reading to find out what your problem is and then approach you several days later with what seems to be a real business offer. The favorite con is debt reconcilliation and credit report clearing. People, your credit card companies will only talk to you or a lawyer and the only way to clear your credit report is to pay your bills. Anything else is flushing your money down the toilet.
The fourth con is suckering you in with the "powers of the psychic" to cause things to happen. Legally this is called an implied threat and there is nothing the police can do for you. After telling you that really unpleasant things have happened to people who didn't help or displeased this person, they then change the subject for a few minutes. Then they hit you up for money. The implied threat is that the same fate will befall you if a money order doesn't arrive post haste, but legally you are drawing that conclusion, they never actually said it.
There ain't no such thing as a free lunch and psychics have to pay their bills, too. So avoid the cheap readings, go to a reputable psychic and get a real reading. They aren't going to sucker you into more and more time, or more and more readings. Unless your life is really in turmoil and....this is super important....YOU REALLY ARE MAKING CHANGES.....there is no reason to get a reading more than every three to six months.
Do not judge a readers' ability by the length of the reading they are offering. Judge the reading by the acuracy of the information. Most con artists have the gift of gab or they wouldn't be con artists. They subtly pump you for information. That takes time. The only thing I will ask you is the name you are called by and some times, your birth sign to see who the cards are showing me if a lot of people are involved. If things are getting really confusing I might ask your occupation. I think I've done that once.
And lastly, if you see a phone line reading for over five dollars a minutes, DO NOT CALL. A super high price doesn't guarantee they are any good. It pretty much guarantees the opposite. Fame is no guarantee of ability, just the knack for advertising one's self shamelessly.
But, and really this is the last word, if you are uncomfortable with the person, get out. Your own psychic ability is warning you something is not quite right there for you. It may not be bad, just an incompatibility, but it will guarantee a not so good reading.

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