Sunday, December 12, 2010

April 15, 2012, Dear Friends,

I thought I should write this letter while you can read it. By this date, the Internet, due to the efforts of the big telecom giants, that contributed so very much money to elect the Tea Party and Republican candidates you voted for, have privatized the net and you are paying through the nose for email as nothing is free any more. Unfortunately, you don't have any money and you probably couldn't afford phone service anyway.
I wanted to tell you how sorry I am and offer my condolences on the deaths of your relatives. It's too bad they couldn't afford the medical care and supplies for their heart condition, diabetes or high blood pressure but you were so very worried about mortgaging your children's futures. Oh, and sorry to hear about little John's diabetes but I am certain he will be able to get around with only one leg and that push wheelchair. I mean it's not like you have a job to go to and don't have the time to carry him around.
Now that he is at home, or at least in your car, with you full time, things should be easier and your family is much closer together. I'm also sorry they closed the public schools in your area, but Gov. Scott, who you supported, reinstated the Jeb Bush voucher plan and you did put your child's state funded money toward that private prep school. Guess you really should have worked out a budget based on being a Walmart greeter instead of the professional job you used to hold, but that's your short sightedness. Well, that was what you said when so many people lost their homes due to risky investments by the people who funded the candidates you voted for.
I'm sorry I can't give you the latest NASCAR updates but I never really followed that sort of thing and anyway, when this all started in the old Bush administration, I dropped Satellite and Cable to save money. Oh and about the job you asked about, I'm sorry about that too. When Alex Sink wasn't elected, I knew I wasn't getting the tax breaks for small businesses and incentives to hire, so we, like the other small business owners, scaled back our business plan to just involve us and no part time or full time employees.
I can't really give you any tips on grocery shopping or where you can get a free lunch. I started an organic garden like Michelle Obama suggested and we get most of our food from it. The cats are learning to like to vegetables.
I'm also sorry about turning you down to pitch the tent in the yard after they threw you out from under the bridge, but you know how zoning is about those things. Most of the repossessed houses in my neighborhood are boarded up and patrolled by Wackenhut so you might want to rethink that squatting idea. You know how those banks are...Oh heck, of course you voted to give them those big tax breaks in 2010. How is that working out for you?
You do understand I am part of the middle class that disappeared. You might want to approach some of those rich folks for some trickle down because I'm pretty tapped out since they privatized social security in 2012 and determined if you were breathing you should be able to work.
I'm afraid I don't have any tax preparation tips either. Yes, it was a mess when they changed the tax rate in the middle of 2011, but once again, you really should have seen that coming. You voted them into office. Fortunately, I pay quarterly so I instantly absorbed the the tax increase. Oh, yes the IRS can repossess your car in Florida.
Well, it was nice hearing from you but the cats caught a rat and we are roasting it for dinner. It is almost done. They go well with iguana tail and fresh tomatoes from the garden.

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