Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Forecast for Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010

Today's Tarot Card is the Heirophant Reversed. Things are a little unconventional today so be ready for the unexpected and strange.
The wee hours of the morning are strange. First things are both muddled and a little psychic. Then a pleasant surprise comes out of all the mud. Unfortunately, the lesson is totally lost simply because you may be to tired to see it.
The Moon goes void of course at 2:25 AM EST and enters Leo at 7:51 AM EST. Suddenly, all the world is a stage and everyone wants to be the lead. By midmorning you are fed up to your chin with egotism, me first and selfishness never noting you are displaying some of that, too. By late afternoon, elders and authorities are more into refusing to make changes on the basis of "I can refuse" more than for anyone's good including their own! Don't you just looooove a Moon in Leo?????
Some days I am certain that Bitwit speaks English. I came in with a chicken from BJ's as George and I are still totally wiped out from yesterday and should not be allowed near fire or sharp objects. I sat it on the stool and admonished her not to get into the bag while I got the rest of dinner out of the Vanwitch. She meowed all the way to the door and I ended saying, "Now don't you touch that chicken bag, you hear me?" For that, she whacked me on the top of my shoe, looked at me like - do you think I'm thick or something? - and let out a yeowl as punctuation. When I came back with the salad, she was sitting, looking at the chicken with a pout going on, but she hadn't touched it.
I tried a new "butter" spread tonight that is made with yogurt and supposed to have 40% fewer calories and fat and no transfat. It is delicious! You need to try it.
I have also been using Truvia as a sweetner. It is sweet. However, it has no taste at all which really demonstrates how much flavor sugar imparts to your food. Now you can really taste the tea!
I also got these organic flax seed bars at Costco which have cinnamon in them. That should be good for you. I have confirmed tonight that they have one additional property: gas!!!

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