Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

I am lucky to live so close to the Glades that the west is dark most nights. As I rode home, the Moon followed me overhead and called to the Fae blood in my veins...come old one, join in the Wild Hunt. The Moon is full. This will not happen again in the time of man. Come before she disappears into blood and reemerges cleansed. Alas, no black steed carried me forward, just a purple bicycle and so I was forced to decline the offer and to remind them that no animal would I bring into Sidhe. They must choose another target for the hunt if I am to join, an adversary worthy of my talent. And so off they went chiming in that the affairs of man are not of their interest. I did not remind them that we are so few due to the affairs of man. It is not my place to remind them, only to mourn them. They may never learn the lesson of isolation. They may never understand the savagery of mankind in a world they see as so beautiful and bountiful.
Later in the wee hours of the morning, I escaped my warm bed to see my Lady once again. This time she was red and black whether angry or in mourning, I do not know. I am wise enough not to try and understand the Goddess. Her mind exceeds mine by a few trillion stars. As I watched, I did as my ancestors would have and lit a candle to stave off the darkness. She hung high in the western sky, not affected by the glow of "civilization", framed by palm fronds. As I watched her, I was taken out of the jungle that is my home and to the desert and knew that my ancestors had watched this very scene in fear for their lives. They survived as will I.
Suddenly, there was a bright flash from the East and shooting star appeared and died in the sky. My candle was ocean scent and to my east is the Atlantic Ocean. I shall take that as a good omen on a night when so many dark omens fly in the minds of men.
When I entered the house I found my two little boys anxiously awaiting me at the door. Napoleon, wearing his tux of ying and yang, and Boogaboo, in solid black, worried about their mother on this cold night. But, my joints suddenly ache much less than they have all day. I shall prepare my hot shower and retire to my bed to ponder all the feelings of the night as Luna returns in her silver spendor and the Solstice is upon us. Tomorrow the dark reigns supreme in the longest night of the year and prophecy will be mine.

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