Sunday, December 26, 2010

Same old, Same old

A lot of people thought they elected a new "outsider" governor but it looking more and more like they actually elected Jeb Bush again. Of course, no one was voting, well no one with ethic or a brain, for old Jeb after the Florida defit and the thousands of dollars in clothes his wife "forgot" to declare upon reentering the country from a French shopping trip. Yup, those Republicans really believe in buying American.
Anyway, the lastet shot from the Jeb Bush cannon is Gov. Scott trying to resusitate the old school voucher programs under the banner that it gives the power back to the parents. What his party would like you to forget is why the original amendment was declared unconstitutional.
You see, under the Florida State Constitution, the state is mandated to provide an education to the children of its citizens. This establishes not only the public school system but the method of funding it. This method of funding it is through property taxes. is not the parents who provide the funding for the education of their little darlings, but every retiree, company and childless person in the state of Florida who owns property, residential or commercial. So, no parents...IT ISN'T YOUR MONEY. It's my money and my cats do not attend school. My business has no children and it pays for your child's education. So, you are not entitled to my tax dollars to pay your child's private school tuition.
When these hare brained ideas come up, you really should ask yourself: "Who wins?" Politicians, particularly from a corporate base, don't do anything for your benefit. Who wins? Right off the top, private schools. Keep in mind that private colleges advertising heavily on TV are being investigated for fraudulent claims right now and of course crying foul. These school and colleges are big business and big contributers to campaigns.
Who loses? YOU! Your Children. First off, that voucher isn't going to pay for one year in private school. It is going to take money from Public Schools that desperately need it. If enough people pull out of the system, the Public Schools go broke. Then what happens?
I have lived in countries with no public education system. The illiteracy rate was more than 80%. There was a tiny middle class. Mostly you had the rich and the poor. The poor couldn't read or write. Have you ever wondered why they publish the candidate's photo next to place to check off your voting preference in so many countries. No public education system and no one can read or write. Once we tank the Public Education System, we eliminate the middle class. On the other hand, we are doing are darned good job of it anyway. Did you know that these lovely tax cuts for the rich and famous actually raise taxes for the lower middle class and that is going to be everyone who lost their jobs????

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