Thursday, February 3, 2011

Forecast for Friday, 02/04/11

The Infamous Blue Cloth!
Another day of trying to recover from being beaten to death by a glass display counter. A trip to the nursery and Costco wore me out but I got some pretty flowers. Tomorrow I shall work on planting them. Also, tomorrow a new shipment of Anna Riva oils is expected. I guess that means I have to break down and work on the display I am building.

Today's Tarot Card is the eight of cups reversed. An old lover returns.

Venus enters Capricorn at 12:58 AM EST. Social events take on a more somber and materialistic mood. People are only likely to accept invitations if they see something in it for themselves.

The Moon is void of course from 1:11 AM to 5:24 AM EST when she enters Pisces and gets a little maudlin and sentimental. Your dreams are very prophetic tonight and contain the answers to the questions as to why things are happening to you. The morning starts with a networking invitation. By evening you will be working on making some big changes in your life. For the next week, energy flows into electronic communications, putting yourself out there and generally anything to do with electronics.

As we were coming home, I faced the usual just plain rudeness on the highway. One man simply could not wait his turn to pull out of the gas station, so he blocks me in the turn lane and inches down to speed out in front of everyone legitimately waiting for the light to turn green. That was when I thought, "this is what is wrong with this country; "me first and to Hell with the rest of you".
There are things every day that just break your heart. Even with the million dollar bonuses and multi-million dollar salaries, the banks just can't get enough money! People who were given the option of negotiating a better loan payment on their homes suddenly find themselves facing huge payments and foreclosure. Just as soon as the payment from the Feds came through to reward all these "good:" little bankers for helping out the people under water on their homes and late on their mortgages, they pocketed the money and then sent out the bills. Seems these poor people didn't negotiate new loan agreements like they thought they did, they just negotiated a postponement for their entire payments and everything they didn't pay with this new and improved agreement is now due in a lump sum which no one can make. So, with the Feds giving out money to banks to make up the difference on short sales, they are going after the homeowners with a vengeance to foreclose.
You know what? They screwed up. We, you and I, paid to bail them out so we could help people stay in their homes but all we really did was pay some bank excutives' salaries and bonuses so they could turn around and make an obscene profit off other people's misery. Once again: Me First! Maybe it is time to stop deriding France and take a few lessons from the French Revolution. Their citizenry found themselves in the same position we are with the same attitude from those in the money. If you are stupid enough to give us your money, we will just keep taking more and more until there is no more to take.
Did you know that Chase Bank was suspicious of Madoff's investment scheme for years but did absolutely NOTHING. They just kept their little mouths shut and pocketed the money they were making off his illegal scheme's rewards. How long can we afford to turn our heads and pretend nothing is wrong? Someone asked me in a group what we would feel about buying a foreclosed home. I wouldn't touch one with a 20 foot pole. It is estimated between 50 and 90% of the foreclosed homes do not have clear title. That means after you pay for a few years, someone can show up, take your home in a split second and you just lost everything you put into the home. You have NO RECOURSE! Nope, not touching one with a 50 foot pole but I am sure there are a lot of greedy people out there thinking they are about to make their fortune in real estate with short sales and what have you. Gee....where have I heard that before? It used to be called, "That this home and flip it." Friends, stop falling for the same scam under new headings. The one who profits is the bankers.
Once again: BUY LOCAL! Buy from your small merchants and patronize your small local bank and let the big boys figure out where their next bonus is coming from because it is not coming from my pocket.

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